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The Official Levi's Thread

[Quote] I think you should just get those tapered at your tailor. Tell em you want a "dart" sewn to taper the leg opening to X amount of inches. Makes sense?

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Nas - One Mic Analysis Thread

[Quote] Agree with you on the first part. Takeover was the better diss track. Two reasons, it was Jay at an anger level that we will prolly never see again. Evident just by listening to him go at Nas on that. 2nd, Ether relied on corny lines like "Gay-Z and Cockafella Records wanted beef", "You Tae-bo hoe", [I]"You no mustache having, with whiskers like a rat." [/I] Meanwhile Jay gets at Nas with things that neither Nas fans nor Nas himself can dispute: "You made it a hot line, I made it a hot song" "you ain't get a corn ***** you was gettin fucked and I know who I paid God, Serchlite Publishing." lastly, let's not mention that Jay-Z was prolly the only rapper to damage his foe by using [I]mathematical equations[/I] in a diss song. But let me stop before we start going that track. As to your claim that Jay hasn't spit a verse that can touch Verbal Intercourse. I think that's dead wrong. You can't listen to Jay the same way you listen to Nas. I suspect that you really like Verbal Intercourse for Nas' smooth flow, imagery. No doubt that verse was dope. "Prop's is a true thugs wife," is one great line. But you can't knock Jay for not being able to compare to that. He has a different style. [URL].

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The Roots Retire From Touring :(

[Quote] I just got put on to The Roots in the past year. Dont ask why, but I never gave their albums any play. But after listening to their last two, I'm wondering why Black Thought hasn't got nearly enough recognition as I feel he deserves. His flow is rare, when he comes on the track, I get the feeling like he's trying to attack it. He goes hard. He rhymes well and over some really tuff beats. And he can rap about a range of topics. I don't expect every good MC to get alot of radio play. But even amongst rap fans, his name is rarely brought when talking about the top notch. What do yall think it is

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Official: What Nikes Are These Thread


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The Official Levi's Thread

[Quote] Sup my man, you can taper jeans yourself. Either do it on the sewing machine or if you dont have one, take em to the dry cleaning spot and they'll do it for a quick $12. If you want info on DIY shoot me a quick PM.

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Best Storytelling Songs

Joe Budden's Three Side to A Story is almost cinematic [URL]

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[NEW] The Game ft. Lil Wayne - My Life (Game Disses Em???)

[Quote] Does Shaqueezy still have beef with Kobe?

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Perfect albums

Sade - Diamond Life The Cure - Disintegration JayZ - Reasonable Doubt Batman - The Dark Knight

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The Dark Knight 2008

Easily in my top 20 of All Time here's a point my friend made on AIM: I think i appreciate actors more after seeing that b/c if you think about it he was givien a script of the Joker all he got were words on paper 12:10 AM I mean there are a million ways to interpret the lines that he was reading before he actually got on set and for him to creat that Joker personality is almost genius he created him from scratch b/c that joker was nothing like the previous jokers

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Clipse/Re-Up Gang Thread

All the snow on the time piece confusin em All the snow on the concrete Peruvian I flew 'em in, it ruined men I'm through with them Blamed for misguiding they life So go and sue me then

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Dream car?

can someone tell me what model of Mercedes this car is [Image]

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Famous Pictures in Legos

Link Here: [URL] My personal favorites: 1) He even got the background right! [Image]

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Pick Ups: June 2008

[Quote] Sex What are these called? Anyone have the Nike product number?

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Favorite Clipse Tracksssss

Malice spits one the realest verses that I have ever heard on I'm Not You [URL] I'd put this verse up there with any poem ever written by any person from any genre of anything anywhere

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The Green Album

It was aight The only track I'm keeping is Mighty Healthy. I think that his beats are too repetitive.

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