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Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings 2.0

So I am desperately lookin for these. Just came over from Europe where they are pretty much available, but cant find them here (and if I dont have, to I dont need Europe to US shipping). I am looking for the white black ones, not the marble ones in a size 8 to 9. Oh and I know that some of you dont like those shoes, no need to tell me that...just lookin for these...any shops, sellers, anyhting?

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Usher's jacket at the VMAs

So basically, I thought his fit was dope, but anyone knows what kind of jacket he was wearing?

2 Weeks ago in Fashion

Looking for huge scarfs

Hey there Beasters, lookin for some winter scarfs, preferably "big ass" ones - I saw Kanye rockin thema few times but the ones I got a somehow pretty small. The bigger the better, square sized so I can wear them differently. Hop u know what I mean and someone can help me out. See ya This is a picture...I know its a girl wearing this, but its just to show [URL]

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[WTB] US8 Jordan Winterized Spizike, SB Brain Wreck

Searching for the Jordan Winterized Spizike. Slept on that one, so maybe someone gonna help me out! Also the Brain Wreck SB High! Both US8!!! Hit me up!

2 Weeks ago in Sneakers

[WTB] Size 8 heat - Nike, SBs, Jordans

Hey there. Lookin for DS or VVVVVVVVNDS Nike heat! Jordans, Dunks, SBs! Hit me up - will respond to every offer and got PayPal ready. Hit me up.

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[FS/T] Nike US8 HEAT - Gibsons, Marshall Amps, Supra Sopranos all DS with box

So here is some US8 heat for you people!!! Forum rules and I only accept PayPal and money transfer within europe! You pay shipping and 4% PayPal fee. Hit me up with offers AND TRADES, I am testing waters - will reply to every offer and will give extra cash if the trade is worth it!!! I am looking for all kind of US8 Nikes - DS or VVVVVVVNDS please: Jordan 1 Retros SB Heinekens, Purple Pigeons, Blue Lobsters, Tiffs, Unlucky, Lucky, Moneycat and so on. Just hit me up!!! Fordan Flight 45 and so on. [COLOR="Navy"]Nike SB Gibson US8 brandnew with box and DS!!![/COLOR] [URL]

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[WTB] Yeezy 7.5 - 8.5! Hit me up

As you see I want some Yeezys. Hit me up eith grey and black ones. Preferably the black/pink ones... Just hit me up. PayPal is ready haha.

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[WTB] 7 5/8 Eras!!! Collection need to be increased - hit me up

Still lookin for NE 7 5/8 collabo heat. Ice Cream, BBC, Supreme, Alife, HUF, Kid Robot and so on...all colours and styles. Especially lookin for Ice Cream ones. Got some great summer ones. Maybe someone can hook me up with a pick-up from any US store. So get at me.

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[FS] Reebok Firefly US 8,5// Ice Cream black US8 & Nike Marshall Amps US8 all DS

I only accept PayPal from international buyers.

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Evisaurus - Where to find?

Like the title says...where to find in a US8... Greetz

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[WTB] This hat in 7 5/8 - Obama Hope

[URL] So I am lookin for this one! Finishline got em but not in 7 5/8 - and I can't fid it in the New Era Online Shops??? Anyone help me out?

2 Weeks ago in Apparel

[WTB] Vans Geoff Rowley suede US8

Lookin for those! Anyone can hook me up or do a pick-up for me??? Would be great!

2 Weeks ago in Sneakers

[WTB] Obama shirts XL

Hi, lookin for some cool Obama shirts - found some on Karmaloop but shipping is too much for (as I'm not paying more shipping than the shirts are worth) Need them by march cause they will be a present - maybe anyone can hit me up!

2 Weeks ago in Apparel

[WTB] NBA Jerseys and Fitteds

So I am lookin for good sites to cop NBA Jerseys - lookin for Mavericks and Boston Jerseys especially - and only Authentics please, no Swingmans or Replicas!!! I am thankful for every site, information etc. And also lookin' for the green Celtics New Era with the clover leaf on the front in 7 5/8! Thanks in advance folks...blushing

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[WTB] Supra Soprnao High Sneakers white US8 - plzzzz

So I damn love those shoes but don't want to pay like 150 bugs incl. shipping for them...anyone knows a godd site to cop or has a store nearby to cop for me??? I checked the Caliroots and Karmaloop sale - but are out of stock in US8!!! So anyone can help me finding those??? Thanks in advance

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