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Hard times

anyone else go through some dumb shit? when i was 16 (now 22) i was living with my disabled (at the time) dad. i was going to school and working at white castle. beside my dads $600 monthly disability checks i was the only source of income for our household. i remember i would donate my precious plasma twice a week (earning $200 per month) i was like 3 pounds under the weight to be able to donate more, meaning an extra $5 so my broke ass kept a 5 pound weight in my jacket each time i was being weighed so i could get that extra $5. i lived like this for a little over a year...all the while my dad was cooped up in the house literally going insane...he would customize all these little trinkets and picture frames and shit...he never left the fucking house. anyway he would hate on me, calling me a useless piece of shit and what not. i contemplated suicide many times back then (i was only living with him so he didnt have to pay my mom child support) in the end i am glad i am not a weakling...i am proud of myself for being strong...hard times make respectful/respectable people (for the most part) and i would rather go through some stress and learn some things versus having everything ive ever wanted handed to me. me and my dad get along better than ever now a days. please dont reply if you are going to be a smart ass...i just want to know if anyone else out there can relate.

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And Now

if you havent seen this new skate video by transworld you are missing out...every part is outrageous. im actually not sure how new it is, but im pretty sure it dropped recently. richie jackson is the master of the hippie jump, hes doing some shit ive never seen nor have i ever thought anyone would do...david gravettes ender is fucking ridiculous...cop this, if you have it already discuss it...ive only had it for 3 days and only have watched it twice... even if i watched it everyday for the next month it would still seem fresh...trapasso kills...malto is a prodigy...you might find some footy on youtube

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The final undoing of the official 9/11 story

taken from [URL] im posting this because i think a lot of people are in the dark on the subject...if you dont want to read it all, at least browse around the article or visit the site...i personally think everyone needs to be educated on different theories of 9/11... [SIZE="4"][B][SIZE="3"] 25 Intolerable Contradictions: The Final Undoing of the Official 9/11 Story[/SIZE][/B][/SIZE] Elizabeth Woodworth Global Research March 18, 2008 Review of David Ray Griffin

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[URL] have a raw denim and selvedge denim that look pretty fly, and you can customize your measurements...has anyone fucked with this site before or know anyone who has?

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must hear songs

post your top favorite songs you think everyone needs to hear. band/song/album funkadelic-maggot brain-maggot brain this song is sooo fucking bad ass...10 min guitar solo filled with emotion syl johnson-could i be falling in love-diamond in the rough smoothe ass love song...rza sampled this dude so you know its heat! leak bros-see thru-water world "flat tire no fire stuck out in dippyville/you know your gone when you see blood vessels in your peripheral" leftover crack-one dead cop-fuck world trade if you wanna find a cop your gonna have to drag the lake propagandhi-fuck religion-how to clean everything this is a punk band with ska/reggae influences from canada...they fuck shit up I'll post more later...

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