Amanda Tood Vol. No Sympathy in This Side of Town

OP This is the fuking problem in this country and rspecially New York yo. Niggas be seeing white people fall off, show no mercy. Then wanna cry about niggas dying in Africa. People in Africa who hate you because your a yankee uncle tom. Get this fuking bullshit off the internet, all you niggas should r ashamed for even flaming up this girls story. Two things, one.. Im from New York i see white girls getting fed H and coke from niggas all the time. Who crying and feeling sorry for those girls. Two, if amanda todd was black, this yuppity BK wannabe lil wayne shit nugget would be crying Poor mercy. Come at me Styles im close to home. And i would say this to your face son. Irish and mexican long islander who aint afraid to speak out on this Later niggas or should i say niggers

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