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Camera for School

nikon d3100, i just got mine blushing

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What would you call this style of art?

that's not art, it's just a picture and some1 illustratored it

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ill pic of young michael jordan

1st 1 is siiiick

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Photoshop CS4

u need not only the keygen but also the crack. go search for em on thepiratebay.org

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My Latest Photos

what camera and any PS retouching?

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The Official Wacom Thread

doesn't matter really, I just get use to mine wacom, nothing expensive really

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Why are camera bags so ugly???

I'm an industrial designer and this seems to be a good project in the future :D

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Audiophiles (Speakers/Headphones etc.) Official Discussion Thread

aerial 7, choppers Sennheise HD555 next

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What is your current car and realistic next car?

current: Honda Accord next: Infiniti next : Audi S5 (HOPEFULLY!!!)

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Nikon D3100

best thing is just to take it outside for some sun :D, take ALOT of shots then come back for PS retouching; composition is KEY

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Adobe Illustrator

goto thepiratebay.org search for ADOBE CS4 / CS5 crack follow their instructions. Usually u'd just need to replace some files after you've installed the program. If you don't have adobe yet, just dl from that site with utorrent and follow instructions.

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Starting a online scarf shop.


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Hawaii spots?

just landin in the airport is a blessing to me :D

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to all you priveledged faggots

ya man, hate mofos who don't use their advantages provided for them and still complains. Try growin up in a communist country

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