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Somebody hand Manny Pacquiao a Washington Generals Jersey....

smh@Manny Pacquiao, Im looking at this Floyd and Canelo situation, them dudes breaking record gates and bout to blow out the PPV sales, bout to make history, Toasting bubbly and all that. Sad thing is it could of been Manny. But He just couldn't take the damn test. Then instead of taking that 40 mil off the bat with PPV revenue to be discussed later. He decides to take 8 mil for the Tim Bradley fight and Loses. Then instead of taking the Rematch with Tim and vindicating himself, he fights Marquez and gets KTFO.With Marquez saying "F-U no rematch HA HA HA". Now instead of Making history with Floyd, hes fighting Brandon Rios in China....Where Bob Arum will get all the Gate money and that Chinese tv dough... Way to fall off from the World Circuit and go back to the Asian Circuit where you started.... Somebody Hand Manny Pacquiao a Washington Generals Jersey, He stays with the losses.

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Nay Sayers Lost, Floyd bout to whip Canelos ass this Sept

Get the fuck out Floyd bout to shit all over this overrated clown.

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Club Chronicles Vol 1 wack Djs wack music we expose you

Im tired of wack djs getting away with murder in the club, dont know how to rock a party and fucking up the scene for playas who wanna get their grind on or mack on a chick. Paying all that money for cover only to go in and find some ass cheex Dj playing trash just killing the vibe. this was at fluxx in San Diego on Thursday, shit was mad rough, all these hot chicks and this dj fucking it up doing his best stevie wonder impression feeling himself not even paying attention to the crowd. Im exposing these niggas and so should you. Point em out, put out the day, the dj, the club all that fuck these guys [Embed content]

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