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”MASTERPEACE. (vol. o n e n e s s)”

what's true HB? after years of making beats i finally put a body of music together that i can feel proud enough to call my first album. play this in the sun and let some light in your life...i hope it would enlighten you. onelove. [URL] [Image]

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***New SteezTrueMental: "PATIENCE."

I'll be sporadically dropping a series of free beats available for download throughout the summer right here on HB. The first one drops tonight. Stay tuned... [Image]

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Oddisee – ’People Hear What They See’

Strong candidate for album of the year in my opinion. I admit I was kind of late getting to it but ever since I pressed play it's been on constant replay since. Very few albums I can sit and play from start to finish but this is def. one of them. Oddisee is that dude. [Image] [URL]

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Nike Zoom KD 4 Rogue Green

yoooo anyone know where I can find these for a good price? [Image]

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Artist’s looking for studio time/ Mixing & Mastering

Decided to open up shop for any HB artists that are looking for a professional place to record good quality music (studio based in Houston, TX) or have their tracks mixed/ mastered. I have been studying audio engineering for the past year and have pro-tools certification. Here are a couple of pictures of the studio I work in: [Image] pro-tools 10 HD with Ikon board. A lot of you independent artists here can get ahead of the game by having better quality recordings than the next man without having to pay an arm and a leg to get it done. I'm willing to extend my services to the HB forums because I genuinely enjoy the art of recording and mixing down tracks. Feel free to PM me if you're interested or have any questions. Serious Inquiries only. facebook: steezilla twitter: steezillamusic steezilla.tumblr.com

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best shoes to hoop in

for all my competitive ballers, which shoes do you choose to wear on the court these days and why?

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vyvanse & adderall vol. real life limitless

holy smegma, anyone ever try this shit?

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Question: DJ’s and clean versions

yooo any HB dj's know a good source to find clean versions of songs? majority of music coming out has cursing on it and i'm gonna be spinning for a school function coming up so i gotta keep it clean..any help is much appreciated.

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it's Dilla Day you mark busters!

didn't see any j dilla on the boards so i decided to handle it. Here's one of my all time favorite beats...it always amazes me how he flipped this sample. original sample: [Embed content] peace to the God James Yancey.

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Mixtape cover help "The Diary"

wattup hb artists I was hoping one of you skilled graphic designers could come up with a quick cover for a hiphop mixtape entitled "The Diary". It's for a group called DCTP (dreams come true productions). All thats required is the title and a parental advisory mark on it. The creative direction is up to you as long as it looks legit. Credit will be given to whoever's art is used. Thanks in advance..hope to see some dope artwork soon!

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Viddy V & STEEZiLLa EP coming soon.

"The Gorilla in Manila Special" coming soon.. [Embed content] one of a few projects i'm working on...stay tuned. facebook: [URL]

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put together a comp. of songs I produced in 2011. enjoy.

[Image] [URL] As I was reflecting on this past year, I realized that 2011 was a personally prosperous year for me as a producer. I had the pleasure of working with a lot of new & different artists so I decided it would be cool to put together a little compilation of a few of my favorite songs I’ve produced over the past year. Some you may have heard on featured artists’ albums and others you have not.(cuz they’re unreleased) But anyways, feel free to listen/download & enjoy as we venture off into 2012 inSTEEZ. lemme know what ya'll think of the music as well. peace & a prosperous new year to all my HB fam.

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Official Phantogram Thread

Phantogram is the shit. Some of the best production i've heard in a while. Eyelid movies is a great album and worth a listen if you haven't heard it already. Just wanted to share their music and see who else got love for them since I haven't seen them anywhere else on the forums. "Mouth Full of Diamonds" [Embed content] ..oh and Sarah Barthe>>>

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Produced By STEEZiLLa.

whattup HB. I'm an upcoming producer out of Houston, TX with a lot of music in the works. I made this thread to share songs that I produced and hope to get some feedback from you all. Here's the first jawn. PEACE. [Embed content]

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new song I produced…give it a listen.

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