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New brand - STAXOWAX

Hey whats up fellas! Like beats? Hip- Hop? or records? Come check us out! I just wanted to share a promo code for those on Hypebeast if at all you guys are interested. enter code "HYPE" to get 15% off. Thanks for looking. Site - [URL] [Image]

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Staxowax Brand

Not sure if there are any rules as to posting your brand or not because I don't see my last thread on this. I just launched Staxowax and its a brand dedicated to the beatmaking, hip-hop, vinyl junkie, graphic tee lover! Hope you guys dig some stuff. Everything is very high quality. Check it out! Site - [URL] [Image]

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STAXOWAX - Just released my brand

Hey guys, I just released my brand called Staxowax. It caters to the crate diggin, beatmaking, vinyl enthusiast community, but at the same time to anyone who loves dope graphics. Check it out, let me know what you guys think. Hopefully you guys dig some stuff. I would appreciate if you guys liked the Facebook and followed the twitter as well. [Image] [URL]

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Tees - Some opinions

Hey guys, I have my own brand coming out soon and will post some stuff on here soon as well. I have a few questions as to what you guys think when purchasing graphic tees 1. - Price range preference 2. - What do you judge your price range preference by...ex...shirt color, brand, graphic, tshirt feel...etc 3. - Would you rather wear something thats more limited in quantity or does it not matter to you? 4. - Do you keep or throw away a hang tag? 5. - Does t-shirt packaging matter to you, or would you rather just have the t-shirt? 6. - How do you feel when you receive a t-shirt and receive some small goodies as well? Thanks guys for taking the time.

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