Post Your Fits Wearing Chukkas (why fucking not)

^^ baha at that series of events, soj ftw i don't have any chukkas but i'm thinking about the true whites

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yo so can we pretty much get any colour/size/model as long as we throw down the deposit?

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word n64 had one of nintendo's best controllers to date, and it's still a nice simple party console with sick 4 player games top5 tetris worlds smash mario tennis goldeneye 007 mario party

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Puma first rounds (no alife)

could anyone post some fit pics?? pretty please

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i'm not from bramps but if you're not against shopping online has free canadian shipping

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The Offical Cheap Monday Denim Thread

whoa whoa i actually tried them on in store and found myself sizing up so it prob depends on the model of jean i've had them for like 2 months now, minimal stretching in the tight italian unwash cuz it's like 2% Lycra(spandex) i've got the beginnings of combs and back pocket

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Tight color jeans

colourful tight jeans : [URL]

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the best place to get Skinny jeans for under $$85?

they're probably their trendiest jean so i'm pretty sure every store should have them in stock

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the best place to get Skinny jeans for under $$85?

[Quote] .

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Pickyourshoes Fees

have never ordered from there but they have quite the selection, i'd like to know too

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Law and Order

SVU ALL THE WAY but i'm used to the throwback ones where they had the original cast before the show got expanded STILL

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snapback hats

[Quote] lol if you live in toronto Honest Ed's has them for $0.99 and they're dope for the price haha hope that helped

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Sample Sales

^^ will it be worth it? like nuff sizes and styles or should ppl show up early to get first dibs lol

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Getting from Toronto Zoo to the best shops in Toronto...

last time i remember there's a GO bus/train that takes you there which you can take to yorkdale station, move onto the ttc then south to osgoode then walk the strip!

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The Chillest Songs Ever

all BOB MARLEY tonight's da night - redman if no one's mentioned that jam

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