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[FS] Supreme Tree Bark + Nom De Guerre

Everything is availible for meet up in the 905/416. Only trades are volkswagen parts of car audio. PM me or e-mail me at [email]david___n@hotmail.com[/email] Supreme Tree Bark Hoody sz. M Really thick hoody, good for winter. Worn once or twice, never washed. Practically brand new. Offers start at $200, BIN is $300 OBO. [Image] Thanks.

2 Weeks ago in Apparel

Family and Friends [Footlocker]

Didn't see it posted... [Image]

2 Weeks ago in Canada

Denim Help

I was kinda looking into some new denim. A pair of raw, somewhere from 150-200, maybe even 225. Perferably around 175... I like them fitted, but not too tight, something like a 501-503 cut, I like the leg opening no bigger than 8 inchs across at the bottom. This would be around a 29 or 30 length I would need. Not a emo skin tight at the bottom though, but so it's comfortable and doesn't cover my kicks too much. I would also need something like a 28 waist, I normally wear 30, so just a little sized down. Could someone reccomend me something? I was thinking about some diors, does anyone have any good measurements at about a 29 or 30 length? Thanks in advance!

2 Weeks ago in Brands

Sneaker Pimps TO

Maybe someone already posted this? If so, I appologise. I will be there as long as I am free. Who is going on here? It would be nice to meet some fellow TO HB'ers.

2 Weeks ago in Canada

Where to get Smart Max?

Ok, I need to know where to get this mag in Taiwan ASAP. [URL] My Dad has a friend that lives there, so I need to know so I can get him to pick it up for me. Thanks in advance.

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It's up people! [color=red][b][size=24][URL][/size][/b][/color] All your latest and greatest Bathing Ape news! Exlcusive pictures, book mark it and make sure to check it daily!

2 Weeks ago in Brands

Las Vegas Spots

I'm headed there on the 15th to the 25th I think? Can someone give me some good spots. Adreses please! Suntori, wheres Fruition(sp) at? BTW, wheres the El Polo Locos at? I love that place. smokeyface

2 Weeks ago in United States

How come images don't show up? Only links?

Ok, well I'm wondering how come when anyone puts a image up, with the [Image] codes on it doesn't show up? It just gives me the link. It's only my computer though, because images show up on my other computer. :confused:

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