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hey guys, I've been looking for new music as of late and I've been browsing through a lot of forums and sharethreads going through each and I thought it'd be great if I shared it through a blog so that people with similar tastes as me can also get filled in with good music. I'd also appreciate if you guys would recommend me some artists that aren't very well known or are very overlooked, I put up all types of music. I'm looking to update once a day, although I can't guarantee it, it's my goal at the moment. so anyways... [URL] dont flame me guiz, just trying to help.

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Hi guys, you might remember that I was asking you guys about stuff on what my first car would be and I ended up landing on the Acura TL. Well anyways, my moms selling her van (for 26000ish) because she says the mpg is a pain in the ass and she said that she'd take my TL (which im paying off monthly right now... and i really don't want to do that shit anymore) and I could buy whatever as long as its reasonable. So I've landed on the decision to buy an Subaru Impreza, although I have a few questions. Should I really dish out the extra cash for a STI? How is an Impreza on terms of reliability? The car is going to be my daily drive so I don't want it fucking up on me and stuff. I really like the AWD since the weather down at Vancouver is shitty as hell with lots of rain and sleet. Is the insurance really that bad on Subarus? I always hear about how rape the insurance is, is it really that bad? My price range is hopefully below 15000 but I'm not locked to it, I would just like it to be 15000ish. If the STI model is really worth more money I'd take it up. I've already looked into it myself and I've seen some 2002-2003 models for the pricerange which I might get into. thanks a bunch guys

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First Car

Hey guys, so I'm looking to buy my first car and my price range is around $13,000. The only catch is that I can't get a BMW which is ironic because frankly.. BMW is the only car that I want. So what should I get that's around 13,000? Looking through craigslist gives me nothing but toyota dodgers and nissan sentras. thanks hb smokeyface EDIT: it has to be reliable as I'll be driving it for a good 4-8 years. I'd like it to be good looking, performance isn't really something that matters to me but it'd still be nice to have. The seats doesn't matter, nor do the cylinders. Not particularly sure about torque or rev happy but it doesnt matter. It snows and rains a lot where I live so it'd be nice to have a car that's good in those conditions.

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Actors/Actresses you cant stand

I'll go first. Ben Stiller Will Ferrell oh and Sarah Silverman

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Denim: Hall of Fame

can we has? (: [Image]

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Feedback: st3p.

The works. smokeyface

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Screen Printing Supplies In Vancouver

Yeah, is there any good places in Vancouver that sell Screens, inks, emulsion, etc? I'm doing a little winter break thing and I want to pop my own tees. :l. Please state location, and the price of the stuff. Thanks.

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