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Official Instagram Thread


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Kanye West Coachella Live Stream (sometime around 10:30 pst)

yea wow get this lady off haha, she is a brutal interviewer

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2011 NHL playoff thread.

Let's Go Nucks! The Sedin twins are an unreal combo for my fantasy pool.

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Official Odd Future Wolf Gang Thread

The pic from the ad is the same one from Wikipedia that says it's Buffalo Bill at [B]age 19[/B]

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Problems uploading avatar.

Was just successful uploading my avatar from a URL. Dimensions- 60x60

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The Official Naked & Famous Denim Thread

^dope. These are the ones from the N&F archives. 1 yr of wear apparently. w w w.nakedandfamousdenim.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/front.jpg (sorry not at 25 posts yet...)

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The Official Naked & Famous Denim Thread

yeah, It'd probably be a good idea for me to try out the naturals anyways, seeing as they are not really a popular choice. thanks

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The Official Naked & Famous Denim Thread

I'm trying to decide between the Deep Indigo WeirdGuys and the Natural Indigo SlimGuys. I've seen a lot of deep indigos while browsing, which seem to be the most recommended wash, but i haven't seen a lot of the naturals. There is a nice pair of natural indigos on the N&F website archives which made me consider them. I think I'd be fine with either fit, but I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on which fade nicer.

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HB Fam.. Rep ya hood, where ya from?

London, Ontario, Canada -chest deep in snow over the last week- burrrr

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afraid of death

Every time i think of dying and being gone for eternity it freaks me the fuck out lol

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Mac Official Discussion Thread

[Quote] Yea Senuti works great

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Post Your Graphic Works (Graphic Design)

If you've got time, a mouse works too (wacom not necessary)

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Post the Best/Wittiest lyrics in music.

The Mixtape About Nothing "[B]I get Seinfeld with these rhyme skills, I'm Larry David give me my paper, This a cost mo' (Cosmo), like Jerry Sein-neighbour, My cold-stanzas (Costanza) stand like Phantoms, or Maybachs, You won't get a lane (Elaine) if you came wack, I hate rap like Kramer hate blacks[/B], Still no label Wale ain't pass, And now I'm on Allido, And everybody gasing, Mark gave me a check and some dap." --Wale "The Chicago Falcon Remix ft. The Budos Band

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Post Your Desktop/Wallpaper VOL The Legend Dies

New wallpaper/ changed a few icons.[/QUOTE] lookin good, woo woo woo

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Trip to NY... What to check out?

The Nintendo Store lol, BBC/Ice Cream is a pretty cool store as well.

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