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Sean John rapes streetwear again....


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Fortune Denim

Hey ladies are any of you up on Fortune Denim? Supposed to be buzzing in Hollywood. NY girls dont know much about it yet. Curious to know if yall heard of them or what yall think. [URL]

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Brooklyn Sky New Releases//

Brooklyn Sky has released a new set of tees for the Spring/Summer Collection. Stay tuned for our 2nd drop. Tees are available at your local Brooklyn Sky dealer. As well as the Brooklyn Sky store Small World in Brooklyn. Tees will be available online soon. [Image]

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wtf is URBAN?

Before venturing off into this wonderful industry I had a hard time dealing with this word. URBAN! Many times I was asked whether I was an URBAN brand, or URBAN wear, selling to URBAN kids, in URBAN shops. But what exactly is URBAN? Is it a black owned brand? Is it a brand that is cultivated in the inner cities of the world? Is it selling in Dr. Jays? I ask because, is Prada considered URBAN? Being from Brooklyn and reaching country grounds in my time I havent seen any Prada stores in rural America, also in the fashion industry resides many black owners/designers but that doesnt automatically mean they sell to Dr. Jays. If anyone out there feels me, Hoffa. I would like to hear what yall think and feel.

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World is Yours Hoody. New Bsky.

Just a taste of our new Fall collection. Look for the new website and pieces dropping this weekend in your local shop. **The Supreme fitted had a lil cameo in there** [Image]

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Streetwear Standard

Is it me or has All Over Print become standard in this game? Some designs can only be executed with that technique. But some designs out there look like they wanted to jump on the wagon. I like the executions of some brands. But whats gonna happen when Rocawear, Sean John and Ecko start to hit it up? Does anyone feel the same?

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Brooklyn Sky!!!!

Brooklyn Sky has updated their website. A must see. Just the beginning for the great things we have to come. [URL][SIZE="6"][/SIZE][SIZE="6"][/SIZE]

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Look what I found..

On my weekly search of new mixtapes out, I came across this YouTube video of Sqad Up. Them dudes are on the Paper Chase.... [URL]

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Brooklyn Sky

Hey folks, we just shot a few pics this past weekend. This is just a taste of them. We will put together something cool on the net for em.... [Image] Peace,

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Love x Hate Released Today!!!

Here it is folks. The Love x Hate tee. We have been holding this one back for a lil while. Time to let it go. Love x Hate are like the gift and the curse we all have or will experience in life. We cant avoid them all we can do is embrace them and make them work for us. I hope you guys feel this one its real talk... [Image] Peace, Mike Brooklyn Sky [URL] [email]mike@brooklynsky.com[/email]

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Brooklynsky.com is finally up!!!

Man. What a weekend. After hours and hours of troubleshooting we finally have the new site up. Its a lil treat for you guys. Its the 1st stage in our full fledge launch. So bear with us.... We have a lot more to come. Cool innerviews, kicksploitations, etc. Most importantly we have new cool gear. We will dropping new stuff in intervals for you heads out there. Every Tuesday we will drop a new item. Whether it be a new colorway or new design. We dont know as yet. So keep your eyes peeled. Oh yeah thanks to all who showed love and support yesterday. Today was kind of rough. But we are good to go. We here now! Underdogs... [URL]

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Lil Wayne and Brooklyn Sky Clash.....

So as you know Brooklyn Sky.com is growing we are extending our site to cover more grounds, streetwear, music, news, design, etc. While building content we bump into Lil Wayne aka Bape Killer. He was about to cop our 80s baby tee and our Realionnaire tee as well. So im like aight cat feeling us cool. Im not gonna turn down a sale. Until...He sees the "Last of the Dying Tree" and he gets mad that hes not on there. Which is understandable. A lot of cats who deserve to be there are not. Thats just part I. But we ended up exchanging words over this shirt. He says "I can eat all of them cats on the tree" Mind you; Jay-Z, Kanye, Outkast, Common, Nas, Dead Prez, Fugees, The Roots, Little Brother, and UGK. Im like woah..... Everything happens for a reason. It wasn't meant for him to support us. Maybe we shouldn't have that shirt out there. But for whatever its worth dude was gonna cop. Then he ego tripped and you know "When you ego trip you just lose your luggage". Its not an L in my eyes but damn..... What a day. What do you guys think about the situation? Mike Brooklyn Sky [URL]

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Brooklyn Sky ***NEW RELEASE***

Whats good heads? We are about to drop these new tees. What do you heads think about em?? brooklynsky.com[Image]

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Paper Chaser Tee

Hey guys I would like to introduce to you our flagship t-shirt. The "Paper Chaser". Its for those who are pursuing a degree, diploma, certificate, or just that great old green back. Our Paper Chaser has been spotted on Juelz Santana, Fabolous, Jadakiss, Lil Flip and more. If you caught 106 & Park you would have seen Big Tigger sporting it as well. Check us out at [URL] [Image]

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