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Official Facial Wash Thread

clean and clear morning burst facial scrub, astringent, and mosturizer

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Purple Prison Issues?

i seen them while back too probably an old season so mostly will be retroed some time im thinking spring. seen some girl in my school with them too.

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Official "Show me your NEW ERA" thread

kicks/hi, hella hyphy, houndstooth, ari, etc... man u got some serious huf hats i wish i had atleast half of these

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Disney Fitteds finally dropped

i was lied to! went to downtown disney at the disney vault store and the lady told me limited to 23 each design.... and had to preorder for 75... thank god i didnt get it but that slick hat is zomg blinkyeyes

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Who's you favourite artist (paintings)

van gogh's starry night has always been my favorite painting but thats about it

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leather chukkas?

im wondering do they make leather chukkas? i looked on the site but all i see is suede and canvas. its for a customization job

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Pick Up Post: September 2007

but them parts everyone be using are expensive like most ppl i talk have bikes in the 3g+ range. i opted for a goped instead i love small motors and i can go faster than a fixed gear on flat ground

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Cleaning Vans

did the girl u were dancing with happen to have her period? lol sry superbad moment

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Kid Robot Sale

ahahah omg kidrobot stickers for 5 bucks when they are free in stores.

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Huf new era tomorow

maybe both? either way gj on lettin more unaware ppl into some info|0

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Diamond Dunk SB socks

omg imma replaces all my socks with these!!! and i have 50+ pairs =D [SIZE="1"]sike[/SIZE]

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I need those SUBCREW Sunglasses!

ill stick to stussy and dolce&garbanna

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Hella Hyphy!?!?

^^ true that keep in mind although there are hella ignorant all hyphy ppl in the bay, there are lot of underground cats still out here. hieroglyphics, zion i, etc... but dont be confused not everyone cant keep it real out here many cats claim to be down but just cant relate. all they see is oo man SBs, shopping in sf for "underground clothing", and underground hip hop(stuff that doesnt play on the radio so they think its underground) lets make it popular.... but cant bag on where i live, bay music is what i grew up with so i will always have respect or maybe appreciation for it even if its completely rediculous and makes the bay look like fools. btw i have the hat and it is "hella hyphy". PS-but watch out for that punk rock movement coming from berkeley/oaklandtongueface

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Best Fight Ever

wanna see the funniest fight ever? EMO vs little WIGGER WANNA-BE ASS [URL]

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Your Stickers

if i have a lot of multiples, i buy a cheap frame and make a collage then hang it up. so far i made one but once i get more stickers ill make another

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