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Which would be the best to get


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Do you know any girl sneakerheads

use to know one who loved her jordans. had a pretty big collection too; 12 pairs and counting

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What is the most you've ever spent on shoes?

$320 for Nike Airmax 90s

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What are your black and white shoes (2 pairs)?

black Vans authentics and white jack purcells

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Is Stacking Dead?

never, stacking is sick

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nice imp 04's. anychance of a fit pic?

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Nonraw Denim

Yup gotta agree. Ksubis are the best.

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How to learn to use my new D40?

Nice choice on the D40. I recently just got mine too. I recommend that you should just go down to your nearest library and find books on cameras and how to use them etc.. and have a read. They should be decent and give you a few tips and just have a play-around on your camera.

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The Offical Cheap Monday Denim Thread

wow HKrice. those are incredibly nice, especially for Cheap Mondays. Cheap Mondays vanity size their regular fits so sizing down is the better option.

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The Official Nudies Thread

i reckon sizing down 2 allows for the best fit. not too tight and not too baggy.

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The Desktop Screenshot Thread

Junksen, hey mate, nice toolbar theme, where can i get please?

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