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real madrid vs. barcelona

real get it in!!

2 Weeks ago in Sports

World champs? 4-0 loss to Portugal

[Quote] Ill never forget this match.. that shit was nerve racking man. Then Ricardo scoring the game winning penalty was fucking incredible.

2 Weeks ago in Sports

World champs? 4-0 loss to Portugal

Anyone else see a problem with this? Portuguese get it in.

2 Weeks ago in Sports

Best Barbershop/ Barber In Toronto?

[Quote] this place just isnt what it used to be man

2 Weeks ago in Canada

FIFA 11 Official Discussion Thread

how annoying is it when you go head to head online and catch people from half way across the world and lag lag lag lag

2 Weeks ago in Gaming

Marijuana raid caught on tape(Cops kill dogs infront of kids)

[Quote] Bullshit, not when your invading someones home. There was a little kid in the house and these pigs are taking target practice on a dog? Come on man

2 Weeks ago in Off Topic

Denim Repair

holt will do it for $10

2 Weeks ago in Canada

marlboro skyline

my shit [Image]

2 Weeks ago in Off Topic

Hypebeast Film Club Week 3 - Felon

seen this a few teams, great movie.. even see some titty action.

2 Weeks ago in Entertainment

build recomendations for the golf

^ what he said its not worth it to be spending money for good enough engine mods for that car.. imo

2 Weeks ago in Automotive

leather Jackets

nice jacket, but its not leather

2 Weeks ago in Fashion

Canada vs USA

Canada hands down.

2 Weeks ago in Off Topic

Porn Stars Are Geniuses

[Quote] I actually laughed out loud.

2 Weeks ago in Off Topic

soooo Toronto just legalized prostitution...

Where did you get this info...? hmm..

2 Weeks ago in Off Topic

The Official Tattoo Thread

Damn this thread is still kickin.. Good stuff. So I only have 1 tat right now, which is what I started this thread with. Now I was thinking of getting this in the same length/width on my right forearm to even things out a bit. I'm concerned about how thin the outline would be.. I feel it would have to be thicker than your average outline to look good since I won't be filling it in. Thoughts? Comments? [Image] Peace!

2 Weeks ago in Off Topic