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Jay-Z - Myspace Interview (breaks down his early career)

[URL] Overall cool interview, I feel 100% how he does about Vol.1 one of my fav Jay albums even still.

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Would it hurt to get some better smilies??

New board...same smilies, smh. Possibly the worst selection I have seen in all forums. Something needs to be done, I have more emotions than what I can choose from.

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AZ - Memphis Sessions (Remixtape) is craazzzy nice

find a link or go buy this if you haven't already. majority is tracks you might've already heard remixed over Al green classics that were sampled by rza and others. crack indeed. 1. I Am The Truth 2. AZ Interlude 3. Sit 'Em Back Slow feat. MOP 4. The Format 5. New York feat. Ghostface & Raekwon 6. Get High 7. Make Me feat. Fresh 8. Envious feat. Bounty Killer 9. The Come Up 10. Games 11. Rise And Fall feat. Little Brother 12. Doin' That 13. Game Of Life 14. Vendetta feat. Fresh 15. The Realest w/ Kool G Rap 16. This Is What I Do 17. Life 18. Seems That Way 19. You Know 20. The Love Of Money 21. Damn It Feels Good

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