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Bates Motel

Anybody watch this?  It's based on Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho  So far it's been a really good show imo. [Embed content]

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WTB Roshe red sz8.5

Haven't much luck finding them, hope someone here has em' for sale.

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[Mister (Mr.)] - 2013 Official Dicussion Thread

Nobody made this, so I'll start it off 2012 thread:[URL] Lets get this year rolling!  [Image] Happy New Years!

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[Corter Leather] -2012 Official Discussion Thread

Hey guys, keep up the good work blushing This was on their facebook: Code "Beltup2012" still gets you 25% off standard utility belts till midnight EST tonight!

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WTB Mr down vest

Anybody willing to sell their Mister down vest? In medium HMU

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Justice - Audio Video Disco

Anybody listen to the album? Its been on rotation for me for about a day. smokeyface Shit is so memorizing

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I have lost faith in humanity

[Embed content] Smh its shit like this man, wtf. so fucked

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Fps problem

Recently I've been experiencing horrible frame rates when I'm playing games. On League of Legends I'd have a nice steady 30-40 and it would just steadily drop and stay at 10. I tried to play HoN yesterday and I had 10 fps, and now I tried playing Guild Wars and its the same. Usually my laptop had never experienced this, not sure what the hell is going on. Anybody else experienced this? smh

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Blink 182 reunion

So I heard they're coming out with a new single this friday. Thoughts on blink 182 coming back?

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Road or Mountain bike

I want a bike to get some cardio instead of running, trying to get some opinions from people who might have one or the other. I like mountain bikes, but I probably won't be going off terrain. Haven't really tried road bikes, but buddies of mine have been saying to get them instead if I'm just gonna use it for exercise. Also, whats the best place to to cop online? I only know of bikedirect edit: also could someone with bike knowledge shed some light on what brands are good and what are the common fork length?

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UFOs? Balloons?

[URL] ?)?)?)?)?)?)?)?)?)?)?)

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Backwards music station

Yo fuck, I'm getting the heebee jeebees from this shit. I'm also getting paranoid as fuck, call me a bitch or w/e, but watch these fucking videos and read the description. To know that something out there is fuckin broadcasting this is creepy....fucking great, now I'm not going to get any sleep. [URL]

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Huf items

[Image] My friend is looking for someone to trade or sell his weed & fitted hat, the fitted is a 7 3/4 He's willing to trade both for a snapback. Mostly looking for a trade & possibly meeting up with him in the NY area, preferably Queens. [B]But[/b] for as a last resort he will ship, [b]PAYPAL ONLY[/b] Offer away HB

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All B.S. aside, can anybody help me with my W4?

So I got fucked over on my paycheck due to the fact the H.R dude not telling me what exactly to put. So on my paycheck I'm getting 20-22% taxes taken off, BUT the thing is I'm a dependent as well as a college student and I'm not suppose to. Also my "boss" is being an asshole and saying "I am not legally suppose to tell you what to put," smfh dumbass bitch. Can anybody tell me what to put down on my W4 form for this? Under my Exemptions/Allowances my federal, NY, and NYC are all 0. I'm suppose to be exempted 2 on all of them.

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