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Pacquiao-Diaz!!! It's On!!!

[Image] So how would this end up? Any Predictions?

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Your Analysis....

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adidas Originals denim by Diesel Jeans

What do you think of these?>smh [URL]

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adidas Originals tribute to Manila!!!

In celebration for the new adidas Originals store, Adidas have released some Limited Edition "I trefoil Manila" Tee's (Philippine Release only though it's made in Turkey). Perfect with the Adidas Philippines Track Top and Adidas Philippines Gazelle II.>smh [Image]

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Anyone here tried listening to rivermaya songs...one of Philippines' finest bands. Google them or look for them on youtube. They have a bunch of great english songs...

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Pacquaio-De la Hoya thread

Whose down for this one? Arum wants to see a Pacquiao-De la Hoya bout. Which side are you?>smh (pacquiao misspelled on the title..sorry 'bout that)

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adidas Originals Country series Track Tops

Is this the hottest Track Top among the country series or what? Not being biased whatsoever but this thing had sold out everywhere....>smh [Image]

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