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Lupe "Percival Fats" Fiasco and Japanese Cartoon

[URL] Didn't see a topic for this, so here goes. Publicity stunt? Hoax? Side project? Alter ego? Has Lu finally cracked, or is this a work of inspired Gorillaz-level genius? Is it really him? A soundalike? A total mixup? You doods decide. Personally I'm skeptical. Dood insisted on three albums and out, and he's getting his arm twisted into technically fulfilling his 5-album contract by releasing three albums in one. Doesn't make sense to now spread himself even thinner with a weird new vanity project. Still, if it is him (and knowing the doods love of all things Rock n' Roll, British and Japanese, it's not an impossibility), more power to him. I'm not totally convinced by the musical style, particularly in ARMY, but Heirplanes is alright. Plus, we all know that since I'm such a shameless Lupe dickrider I'll convince myself I like them if it turns out it's actually him. Discuss, homies.

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Clarks Desert Treks

That's right, I'm making the topic for the last of the three Clarks originals. Deal with it! I really dig my Wallies, and my dood wears his Desert Boots on the regular, but recently I've been more and more attracted to the Desert Treks. Originally the centre seam rubbed me the wrong way, but I've seen folks in wdywtdydtwydytwdt wearing these and they usually look really cool. I think a pair of these will be my next footwear purchase. Who rawks/wants to rawk one day? I know somebody out there wears 'em, I've seen your picture, and also I look at you through your bedroom window after you've gone to bed. Discuss beasts.

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Favourite non-rap lyrics

The Best Rap Line thread is pretty fun and got a good response, so I thought I'd start a topic for lyrics from other genres. Apologies if this topic is out there somewhere already. I suppose I'll start. "His sister's black, but she is sho'nuff pretty, her skirt is short, but lord her legs are sturdy, to walk to school she's got to get up early, her clothes are old but never are they dirty." -Stevie Wonder, Living for the City "Transcendental meditation speaks of inner preservation, transcendental meditation gives you piece of mind" -Stevie Wonder, Jesus Children of America "Top ten ideas for countdown shows, whose culture is this and does anybody know? I wait and tell myself 'life ain't chess', but no one comes in and yes, you're alone, you don't miss me, I know" -The Strokes, What Ever Happened? "Smile like you've got nothing to prove, no matter what you might do, there's always someone out there cooler than you, I know that's hard to believe, but there are people you'll meet, they're into something that is too big to be expressed through their clothes, and they'll put up with all the poses you'll throw, and you won't even know that they're not sizing you up, they know your mom fucked you up, or maybe that you watch too much T.V." -Ben Folds, There's Always Someone Cooler Than You "Son, look at all the people in this restaurant, what do you think they weigh? And out the window to the parking lot, at their SUVs taking all of that space, they give no fuck, they talk as loud as they want, they give no fuck just as long as there's enough for them" -Ben Folds, All You Can Eat Let's see what doods are into

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Winter Boots

Hey beasts, winter is coming quickly, as usual, here in the Great White North, and I'm looking for some new winter boots. Last year I didn't bother with proper boots, just wore my ragged ass Adidas out in the waist deep snow, and as a result my shoes ended up more destroyed than usual, and I also came within inches of getting frostbite and trenchfoot on a near daily basis. This won't do. I was wondering what you doods wear for the winter, when the weather really goes to shit and you've got to haul your corpse to class at 7:30 in the morning. I've been looking at some Wallabee boots by Clarks, but I'm not sure how warm/dry they'll be. Anyone rock a pair of Wallabees and can tell me how well they protect you against the elements? And on top of that, anybody have any reccomendations for some killer winter boots? Price isn't an obstacle really, but I'd like to spend between $100 and $150, and have something I won't have to replace. And since I'm a vain little fairy, I'd like something fairly handsome too. Nothing from Mark's Work Warehouse ;) Discuss!

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Shad K

Anybody up on my man Shad? One of my boys saw him open for Lupe like, years ago in Toronto, and he told me he blew everyone away. Then finally, a week or so ago, I saw him live myself, and I've gotta say, I was seriously fucking impressed. I know every time someone with a shred of talent surfaces people go around calling them a "breath of fresh air", but Shad actually feels that way. Dood is crazy talented as a rapper, he freestyles like I've never seen before, plays guitar competently, he's charismatic and funny, basically everything you could ever hope for in an emcee. I met him a bit before the show, too, and he's a really cool dood. All this and he comes from- get this- London Ontario? Figure that shit out. His MySpace is [URL] Check him out, he's good people.

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Braid reviewed by everyone's favourite rapper


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Where to pawn crap in Toronto

Hey Toronto homies. I'm looking to send some old clothes back into the retail cycle. I've got a couple of pieces I'm considering selling to the Hypebeasts, but before I do that, I've got some not-quite-beastworthy pieces I want to get some quick cash for (mostly old Levi's, some Vans slip ons, t shirts, etc). I'm thinking: bummy Queen East pawn shops. I was just wondering if there were any places in Toronto (preferably downtownish) that would give me a half decent price for some non-hypebeasty clothes in good condition. Any vintage shops or used clothing stores that would give me cash? Cheers.

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Bare minimum wardrobe

Something I was thinking about recently. I see a lot of people on the forums buying up Supreme tees in bulk, or showing off their enormous Jordans/Vans collections, or talking about exactly how many pairs of $200 jeans they've turned ragged by skateboarding in them. I started thinking, what do you consider to be the barest of necessities for a respectable wardrobe? So, for example, do you only need one really good pair of jeans, or do you think you should always have a selection of denim? How many pairs of shoes do you really need? One? Ten? Do you need chinos, or will jeans do? Do you need designer or graphic tees, or can you survive with blanks? Can you go ultra minimal and survive with only [i]white[/i] blanks? Personally, even though my wardrobe is gradually swelling, I find that in a lot of things in my life I tend to go very minimalist. I'm quickly outgrowing anything that has a logo or graphic on it in favour of unadorned clothes with superior cut or quality. I used to think it was boring to wear a plain black tee, but increasingly I think it looks very clean and professional. Shoes are another hot button issue for me. Right now I have four pairs of Vans and a couple pairs of Adidas. That's nothing compared to some of the collections I've seen around, but I think I could actually prune my collection down to about two or three pairs total. I think having one or two pairs of "stomping" shoes and then one that can be ever-so-slightly dressier is reasonable. Of course, this excludes having proper dress shoes, which many people won't do without, and it also ignores real performance shoes, which athletes and whatever would need. But from a purely fashionable standpoint, I think most people could easily survive with two or three pairs instead of the usual 300. My last real struggle is with denim. For ages, I never bothered with jeans, and I'm now finally starting to figure out the whole denim thing. So my next few purchases will probably be real high quality denim- something that'll last me for several years, hopefully. I think it's important to have two or three pairs of good jeans, but I've definitely seen people in the Denim forum who have ten or eleven. Again, this might be my minimalism streak talking, but isn't it preferable to have a small selection of jeans of dependable quality rather than a huge selection of the latest cool things? Anyway, I was just wondering what the community thought about this issue. What do you consider essential to your wardrobe? What could you live without? If you could only have one pair of sneakers, what would you choose? One pair of jeans? Do you think hats are essential, or can you do without them? This sort of stuff. Feel free to post your idea of a bare minimum wardrobe, too.

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Looking for workout advice

Hey Beasts. I've asked the forum for fashion advice a couple of times already and you guys have taken care of me, so I thought I'd ask for a bit of advice to help me get into shape. See, here's my history. I've got this DISEASE. It's not fatal or contagious or anything, but I need to be on drugs to keep in under control. Recently, it went OUT of control, and as a result, I was pretty sick. Had to be in hospital for five days, and lost quite a bit of weight. I was maaad thin. Doctors fixed me up all nice, and now I've been back at home for a couple of weeks putting the weight back on. Right now I'm on steroids to help with the disease. As a result I'm eating like crazy and putting on weight pretty rapidly, which is good. I'm back up to around 140 lbs after being only 120 at my skinniest, and I feel much stronger. The problem now is that I've still got a skinny ass frame, but because I've gained so much weight so quickly, now I've got a gross looking gut growing too. It's nasty. What I want to do is tone up and flatten my stomach [i]without[/i] losing too much weight. Any, if possible. I basically want to weigh the same but be shaped differently- tighten up that nasty spare tire. I've been doing a bit of research but everything I've found is geared towards losing weight. Are there any exercises or routines I could be doing to tone up without losing weight? I know I could probably just go to my doctor and ask, but hey, I figured you doods might be able to help me out too. I appreciate any help you guys can give me.

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Edwin 503s: raw?

Hey Beasts. I posted this question in the Small Questions thread and didn't get a response, so since I'm an impatient cockhole I decided to make a topic real quick to see if I could get some help. I only recently started getting into the raw denim thing, haven't even shrunk my first pair yet (waiting for the rain to stop so I can dry 'em as I wear 'em around). I'm going to shrink a pair of Levi's 501's, and I'm pretty confident about the process. I have a question about a different pair of jeans though. A couple of months ago, I bought a pair of Edwin 503s for myself, and I've been wearing 'em like normal periodically now. Thing is: the waist is pretty nice with a belt, but the leg is quite long (they're 33-33, and I'd like a leg of around 30). It just occured to me that these might be raw, so I might be able to soak 'em to get the fit, but I can't read the tags (all japanese), and I haven't been able to find online if the 503s are raw denim or not. They're quite stiff and dark, and the length suggests to me they're meant to be shrink to fit, but I want to know with more certainty so that I don't ruin my swishest pair of jeans. So: Edwin 503s. Raw denim? Can I safely shrink 'em? Really appreciate the help, thanks guys.

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Superior khakis?

Hey Beasts. For summer I'm looking to grab a new pair or two of nice light clean khakis. I'm trying to graduate from "looking like shit all the time" into a more middle/high fashion look all over, so I need to ditch my shitty khakis from the Gap (I know, I know, I'm embarrassed) and pick up something more swish. Do you guys have any preferred brands for good quality khakis? I don't want anything ultra expensive or detailed, just some nice crisp light-coloured pants with a good close fit. I saw a decent looking pair of Supreme khakis on a rack the other day but didn't try them on- are they worth going back for? Or are there better brands to hold out for? If it helps, I live in Toronto and I'm looking to spend no more than $100 if possible. Cheers.

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