Jordan Cement 3 only $150 shipped. Crepe AM1 80 shipped.

Prices are FIRM. Will knock off $10 for local meetups, just pm me. Forgot to take tagged pics this time around, but if you want some new ones before buying, I'd be happy to oblige. Jordan Cement 3. Worn a couple times. Still damn clean (more pics can be seen here:, creasing is only because of my small feet, shouldn't be too bad for those with normal feet. [Image]

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Wrong section. Plz lock.

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BK Head Porter iPod/Camera Case

Title says it all. Ltb an all black (Black Beauty/Black Beauty Nior/ Tanker). Willing to pay close to retail for used items. Cheers!

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[FS] Warehouse 660 Sz. 32, Skull 5010BK Sz. 33

Prices include shipping (International please add $15) Skull 5010BK - Sz. 33 Paid: $220 | [B]Asking $150 [/B] Initially soaked, no alterations Measurements: Waist: 16.75" Rise: 10.5" Yoke: 14" Thigh: 11.5" Hem: 7.5" Inseam: 35.5" [Image] Ignore the white threads, I had carpet recently installed and have got bits and pieces everywhere. There aren't any blemishes on the jeans themselves at all.

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