Favourite Kanye Album

i think he has enough albums for this i pick college dropout because i think every track could have been a single, and he was raw back then in '04

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Notorious, 2009

heads up bigge fans. looks like they're making a movie about the life of Christopher Wallace that will be called Notorious. with a scheduled release date of January 19th of next year. here's the trailor [URL] i wonder how this will play out, who's gonna peep it...next year? lol think it'll be any good or worth watching?

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Girl Talk

who's bout his mashups? bounce that from Night Ripper [URL]

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what are some of your favourite acoustic songs/performances? some i like at the moment: Joni Mitchell - A Case Of You [URL] care to share?

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Smiley Face, 2007

does anyone know what i'm talking about? it hasn't come out in theatres but i think it should given the sucess of Pineapple Express. every person i have gotten to watch it fell in stoner love with this movie it stars anna farris (of scary movie fame), danny masterson (hyde-70s show), adam brody and this guy from the office. [B]every pothead should see this movie in my opinion because it is hilarious[/B] even if you don't smoke weed it should be funny it starts when you find Jane on a ferris wheel in the middle of nowhere and the movie explains how she got there when she unknowingly ate [B]at least 10 weed cupcakes[/B], it could of happened to anyone here's the first 10ish minutes of it [URL] watch it if you and your homies are ever blazed and bored with nothing to do, you won't regret ittt smokeyface

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Kardinal Offishall - Not 4 Sale

any one taken this in yet? currently on third track and it's pretty dope if you like that reggae/rap/hiphop scenesmokeyface

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If you could bring a dead artist back to life...

if you were to pick a dead artist to bring back to life who would it be? for me i have a couple, on one side i chose Bob Marley because i think he can change the way people think with his music, and he truly believed in that himself which is prob why he was such an amazing singer/songwriter and on the other hand THE NOTORIOUS because straight up he was at the peak of his career and i would've liked to see where he would of taken it now clearly there are a whole bunch of other artists who i left out cuz i wanna know what you guys think

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[Pegleg NYC 2008] - Discussion

They're summer 2008 collection was featured on HB A lot of their peices have some interesting themes like shapes and what not, undecided if i like the brand or not but i AM feeling this fitted [Image] Discuss

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anyone run on the regular?

i'm gonna start up my running again i've loafted since my basketball season ended if you run how far/long do you run for? per week? and do u take it seriously or just for fun i would try to run like 6 times a week and it was great but then i slowly declined on it smokeyface AND WHAT SHOES DO YOU RUN IN?

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