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Supreme april 12th

[Quote] 68 old school, 88 for both chukka and halfcab.

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How Do These Bootleggers get away with it?

Why the hell do they have fake CLH when you can just get that at finishline???

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Good Labels Gone Bad

[Quote] Well not according to the guy that made this post to begin with. HE said the designs are still nice he just doesn't wear em because people with "wide-leg" jeans wear em. I think thats what homie was reffering too. And it's true. If it's somebody that isn't in the streetwear scene wearin some of the stuff the majority of you wear, you guys flip out talkin about how the brand sold out. get over it! you guys claim you are all unique with your style but everone of you dresses like each other on this board. freakin clones. Who cares what others are wearing? Do YOU, not what somebody else wants you to do. And no this isn't directed at you mellance, actually just at the guy that started this dumb thread to begin with and about 95 percent of the rest of these hypebeasters

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10 Deep Spring/Summer 07

does anybody know how much the cardigan is running for? thats all i really want since i dont plan on paying 175 for the M65

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Dye Pack Low

those really are just trash....

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Location of Swagger in the bay area

oh....F that. I hope commonwealth is just jackin up the prices because there is not way i'm paying that much for a tee

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Do you rock denim by streetwear brands?

as far as denim goes. mostly LRG or levi. most other ones are way to skinny at the bottom and i dont like how they fall over my shoes

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Location of Swagger in the bay area

yea basically where can i find that up here in the bay(northern california).

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which fitted hat should I buy?

i like the first one...but i mean, whatever happened to deciding for yourself? now all people do is ask what should i buy or how should i wear this. and your askin people that you probably dont even know. not trynna be critical but man people need to start doin what THEY want to do and not what somebody thinks they should do

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Jordan VI Dunks

I like the 3s and 4s adn the 8s dropping...but these are HELLA plain. u cant tell any sort of "inspiration" on these

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Barong Hoodie - Philippines

[Quote] because us black people are so freakin cool.I thought you knew homie....and for the the people hating on the pino dude that said he hates pinos, i think thats somethin we like to call sarcasm. i really doubt he was serious. damn instead of trippin off of what tee to buy go find some humor

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[Quote] just because they werent wearing it last year doesnt make em posers...they probably just happen to have more access to clothes like this and saw some designs they liked. just because you just start wearing somethin doesn't make you a poser. it just means you didn't know about that before. a poser is somebody that does something because they THINK its cool, or they think by doing it, it makes them cool.

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Ice Cream x Diamond Supply Co

[Quote] no. im from bay and this song sucks. FAB sucks. he talk about grapes and shit, but he doesn't even smoke. most bay rappers talk about the same subject anyway. used to like it but, its all the same. Excepy Ya Boy, The Team, and The Jacka

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What is Streetwear?

[Quote] ummmm.... so what is it then? because last time i checked both of those brands were considered part of the "streetwear" category

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[Diamond Supply Co.] - 2007 Discussion Thread

its official.... diamond is now my favorite brand. I dont ususally like logo tees but man this line has changed my perspective. and the fact that this is only a sneak peak? i willl be diamond'ed out this year

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