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any good meds for social anxiety?

Weed or Xanax

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if you've never fucked with my music..

shits fresh

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Whos a Stoner?

anybody ever got a panic attack after smokin?

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Favorite lines from anything of all time!!!

Everyday I wake up, it's a little bit worse then the day before it. So everyday that you see me, It's on the worse day of my life.

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What are your life plans?

[U]Going to[/U] -Graduate High School -Go to any college for 4 years (and party everyfucking day) -Get a degree in Journalism, and Business A. Become a New York State Trooper -Retire after 20 years -Pursue career in Journalism or Business while getting a $40,000 pension B. Work for a Magazine -Live in NYC -Travel all over the place

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Hypebeast Institute of Pornography

Eva Angelina is a classic

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May vs Pac(Updated)

I think Mayweather is gonna win

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Skinny brothas Unite

im 5'5 155 blushing chubs all day

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