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I am dying to present to you all, A trip. to [Image] !! friend just dropped this tape on this lucky day (777). drug filled for you asphyxiated and wet freaks out there.  greatest concept on tape since the bible went VCR [URL] Blaow!

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Twerk to some Rock music

twerkings getting overrated lets spice it up a bit wouldnt it be sexy to see a girl twerk to this guitar solo @3:04? [Embed content]

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I give up on music

theres 500 "artists" on HB who'll never catch a buzz or get attention no matter how good you make that thread title. people will look over it. and if you even get them to click on the boring ass title, theres an even smaller chance theyll give you a shot. Titles that go from "Artist name - Song name" to "EXCITED CAPS OF HOW IM ABOUTTA DROP SOME SHIT" and everything inbetween all suck. and they only suck because no matter how hard you try, the music forums here in HB are dead. both aspiring artist threads and all, Dead.  then you got C styles, jesus christ. people refuse to tell him he sucks cause they wanna see a second porn video. and he somehow gets passes for dropping songs in the off topic sub forum, which is a smart move considering the music forum is dead. then theres twitter, where anyone with some hundred followers and a DAW thinks theyre gonna be famous. same goes a bit for tumblr. I cant stand it man. you cant post a good link of your jam on twitter cause no ones gonna gaf. theyve seen 50 of those before your link saying the same shit, ABOUTTA DROP SOME HOT SHIT. they cant give all of those songs a try. music is just so watered down and wasted now, it sucks No doubt there is talent somewhere within these bases but you really cant get too much exposure trying to do it the same way as everyone else.  Another thing, nowadays I feel like A LOT of people are trying to pursue music as a last minute "I suck at everything else I need something trendy" resort. Today at school some girl Ive known since middle school had my boys name and number in her notebook. and when I pointed it out she said "oh you know him? I told him my bf makes beats so Im gonna link em up". You know how many times me and my boys all together have heard somebody "makes beats"? not taking away that there is potential decentness within the racks of ideas, but EVERYONES doing it. when did this shit trend so hard before? I remember when I was a kid in high school playing guitar, not EVERYONE was tryna pursue music. mad kids lowkey tried rapping but producers didnt exist, so their bars over industrial beats life really didnt make it.  Am I really gonna give up on music? Im not sure cause its been a passion of mine for too long. but best believe Im not resorting to annoying everyone whos seen the same shit attempted dozens of times daily. I dunno what my niche'll be if I ever find it, but Im starter than that. you dudes make your graves bigger, fine by me.  and whatever happened to other forms of art? how come no one I know is painting or acting anymore? does no one realize the greatness of acting and other forms of art out there? Im just really tired of music being watered down and being in the same category as bandwagoners. Fuck this. not scared of competition, its just social networking has made it too easy for kooks and other dumb acts to get out there and now everyone thinks they got a chance of being signed.

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Frontpage looks depressing.

[Image] No one wants to look you in the face. Illuminati.

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Anyone ever restore your PC without the disc?

I got some findgala virus some months ago. It redirects a lot of what I click on when on the internet browser (mostly on hypebeast actually). Ive tried deleting it with malware and while putting my computer through safe networking and it still came back slowly the next few hours. Im running windows 7 on a dell inspiron 531s if its any help Ive tried numerous things and downloads but to no avail anyone think there is a torrent of some sort to access that same programming within my computer so I can restore it? Please and thanks.

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anyone (still) use this? a friend just got me into it but none of my friends are using it yet my username is dougeskimo

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Interpret this

I wrote a bunch of random stringed thoughts while tipsy and published it just a few mins ago (im still tipsy) and Im going to work in a few, so make what you want of this, so when Im back from work I can read all this shit and see what the rest of humanity sees this to be. #HANNNN <I cant find the code for strike through so live with this imagination>Ahhhhhhhniggalemmeouthtismuthafuckincageee(lilbreference)</yea>linkdestroyedsoIdontpluginmytumblrduetohaters

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Missing Kentucky Teen

[Image] kid (15) was last seen deer hunting with his dad. wouldnt it be some shit if his dad pulled some Dick Cheney shit

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Youtube lols comments

You ever see some youtube comments that got you crackin up? (usually prolly the top comments and shit) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kh-uZFKP8DY I was just browsin around listenin to some old shit and that first top comment was just.... the imagery was PERFECT! lol I feel guilty admitting in this semi-stereotypically racist comment but. that shit was just to funny to think about

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Chrono Trigger

Just copped this ps1 download on the ps3 (which I havent touched in a year). uhhhhm

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Freestyle Thread

lets do a thread strictly for freestyle vids? cause typing it out has its obv flaws, and just a voc recording could be just as fake if we could get this to be a serious thread, Ill put a new one up as soon as I get the camera

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Doug Eskimo Freestyle

[Embed content] I did this for rapgenius cause there was a thread called "freestyle fridays" where dudes were typin up bars, so I had to show some real effort. ethered nothing seriously talented at this yet, but at the least it was honestly off the top of my fuckin head. only gonna get better from here tryna make freestylin more of a habit, havent been practicin as much

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My girl is SNOOPING

she found and snooped my HB account from her HOME computer and saw that on another thread I mentioned a girl having great tits. she's pissed, as usual. like guys in real life dont talk about other females with their pals just cause theyre taken. youd have to be a pretty dumb girl to think any guy goes that hard at being prince charming. so can we give her a nice warm welcome to look at incase she finds this thread in her next snoop ventures?

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Gotdammit Connecticut.

we dont get it poppin at all, now do we?

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Info on Pusha's shirt

Gotdamm! [Embed content]

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