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Street-wear Brand *HELP*

Hey everyone, My name is Kyle and recently me and two other friends have been trying to release a brand for the past 3 years. Its been our dream to release clothes ever since we were thirteen and we never had the money. We were influenced by brands such as bape, original fake, billionaire boys club, huf and other unknown brands. Were 16 years old now and finally have the money and resources to start the brand up. The brand were trying to create is influenced by many things such as skateboarding, art, anime (japanese culture i guess you can say), drugs and rap culture in general. We want to make our brand something that won't be ruined by people who dont understand the culture, (brands like supreme and diamond). We have all our designs together and are looking to release in the spring with a high quality supplier.... Our only problem is we do not have a name. We've thought of countless names and the ones that seem to have stood out we weren't really feeling. If someone could give any ideas off of what was just explained or how to get the name right, please help. This is a dream we want to pursue to show people that young people can actually make a difference in different areas of business. I know its odd to just ask for help like that but we have support from all over and would love to start creating clothes as soon as possible, and once i get a name i can show you guys my designs. thanks for taking your time out to read this, any criticism or help is wanted.

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[NOISEV] - 2013 Discussion Thread

liking the designs, but a suggestion.... go for more graphics, less letters.

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Would you wear this tee?

no, no offence but the design is a little childish/immature

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