hype cog

Anyone else have this?

Well that sucks. Hope you get better.

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Cheech and Chong Nike Dunk SB High for 4/20 by Todd Bratrud

I agree the skunks look better.

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Should I Pay 145 For TI$a Vans?

Uhmmm why not? Its like someone asking should I pay 200 dollars for a pair of SB's. Its your choice.

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List of Legit Sneaker Sites

duhhhhhh. blushing

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Toy Pickups

Wow the BapexKaws figure turned out better than i thought.

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Nike or Converse

Nike. I mean Nike makes all kinds of sneakers and each has qualities to be loved.

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PS Vita Official Discussion Thread

This gonna stop me from getting my Tiffs: ( Why SONY? Do you really have to release something so cool.

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nike sb tiffanys size 10.5

I'll trade a Louis Vuitton "Monogram Canvas" Coin Pouch, 3 New Era's Size : 7 1/4.

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Supreme Box Logo & Trooper Hats, SUPER sunglasses, Nixon watches, headphones, & more!

How much is the SUPREME new era? The blue one. How much is it shipped to the Philippines?

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How Many Pairs Of Shoes you own?

I have 12.

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OFFICIAL Car Pickups

Sick car VagBush!!

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TIFFS! Nike Dunk SB Tiffany size 10 deadstock

Show us a pic when you get it.

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iPod Touch 16GB

I would have bought it if I found this thread earlier.

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Ever been suckered into buying something?

My dad and I got suckered to buy this thing costing more than a $1000 dollars. My dad couldn't resist the sales people were so kind. Buy 1 take 3 of the same price. This was after the flood in the Philippines. A few hours after my mom told us to give it back since we did not even need it. I mean a touch screen stove which uses no fire. How cool can that be.

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~ What presents you get for Christmas?

2 Bear Bricks, 1 pair of SB's, 1 pair of Sebago boat shoes, Shirts, Jeans and my Louis Vuitton Coin Pouch.

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