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Can I get a favor from my fellow hypebeasts? Vol. Flame on!

Long story short, there's this scumbag of a guy I have a laundry list of issues with. Basically he has tried to come at people very close to me, friends and family. Lady luck has recently smiled in my favor because i happened to run across his home address and cell phone number. Now instead of showing up at this cat's doorstep with the squad, I decided to keep things light. Been getting random food and other deliveries sent to his house all week lol. Anyways, it would be awesome if you guys could simply sent a text to this number with the message "WHAT ARE THOSE??" 313-670-7822 Thanks guys!

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Who works at the Apple Store?

i need a discount on a MB pro. I know somebody in her has the hookup.

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Where do you live

I reside in Atlanta. I just wanted to see what cities my fellow HBers rep.

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