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Supreme Nylon 5 panel & USA vintage Snapback

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[Divided Minds] – 2014 Discussion thread

Hailing from Tampa,FL our brand Divided Minds was made with the philosophy in mind to sell ourclothing to everyone not just to a certain market of consumers. We want everyone to wear our clothesand we don't want to be funneled into the category of being classified as street wear.Divided Minds- Has more then one meaning to us but our core meaning is to not be what is trending or going along with fads that are "hot" in this day in age dividing your self from the crowd being yourself iswhat we want to get across. May sound cliche or done before but it's what we represent. STAY DIVIDED [URL] 2012-2013 [Image]

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Super Retro Super Flat shades Black

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Stussy Camo Pants

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Vans Vault Sz 9

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Maroon Busenitz Size 7 DS

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Slim/Skinny work pants

Was wondering if anyone could recommend any kind of skinny dress/work pants? I really want some sense I have to wear them for work and need some help finding a good pair that any of you guys own that could help me out.

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