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[Snakes & Sinners Co. (SNKS.)] - 2011 Official Discussion Thread

Hey Hypebeast, I've been a long time lurker of these forums so it's good to finally have an account here. Anyway, I just dropped my first clothing line last month, and I'd like to let you guys know about the release. The brand has a darker aesthetic/vibe and for the initial launch, I've kept the graphics minimal and refined. Check it out here <a href="http://www.snakesandsinners.com">Snakes & Sinners Co.</a> I'm working on a bunch of new designs to release to coincide when I am finished my tat apprentice/art portfolio. So be on the lookout for me as I will have alot of fresh work coming soon. Peace. /SNKS

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[Snakes & Sinners Co. (SNKS.)] – 2011 Official Discussion Thread

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