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Origin of Man / Unexplained Mysteries

So it's 2012 and I'm willing to bet more than 3/4 of this forum doesn't believe that God created man and the Earth. I know some of you have seen that Ancient Aliens show on the History channel and it really mind fucks me every time I watch it. There's so much that is misunderstood about where humans came from and how our ancient ancestors knew so much about our planet and solar system. Since scientists are mostly all too stubborn to go against our widely believed current theory of evolution it's likely that we won't solve these mysteries for some time, but I'm just wondering what your opinion is on all this? One example is the Ica stones supposedly found in a cave in Peru. There are over 12,000 of them and they supposedly show things such as, cesarian sections being performed, heart and brain transplants, humans hunting dinosaurs, missing continents, humans using telescopes, and "flying machines". Look some of this shit up and it'll no doubt have you thinking. [Image]

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Gangs in bumblefuck?! wtf?

Have you guys ever witnessed something like this where you live? I'm currently going to college at a school in south central pennsylvania 45 minutes west of Harrisburg. The school has less than 10,000 kids and it's town population without the students is extremely tiny. The town itself is pretty much lower class 70% white (estimated). Lots of trailers and shitty small homes etc. About 15 minutes away is the nearest town with a mall that you might consider actually a suburb. There are plenty of white people that live there, but there are also a lot of blacks and hispanics in the center of the town. There is virtually no crips, bloods, lk's, ms-13, or any other notorious gang presence in our area. So the low lives from this town have a group with unknown numbers of kids ranging from high school to 25 years old (that I know of) . To make a long story short, they rob and jump kids, women, white people, hispanics, blacks, and whoever they can. Usually by knife or by gunpoint. They drive 15 minutes to our college town on the weekend to rob all the college kids, and have been doing it for years and not gotten caught. This year alone they assaulted several college girls (I witnessed one), robbed people, stabbed people, jumped dozens of people and are just terrorizing our town. The most fucked up part of all is that our town and campus police are NOT helping us. They always get away before the cops can show up, and the cops are too lazy to write down descriptions or post surveillance. In the past 2 months 8 students have left in ambulances because of this group. My friend and I had fought them on 3 separate occasions earlier this year going all the way back to Halloween. We are sure it's the same people because we know their faces. Anyway, this past saturday we throw a party at my friends house and everything's going smooth as usual. Then a bunch of girls check their phone and get an alert from campus saying that there was a knife threat and assault a few blocks away. About 30 minutes later, before 1am even hit.. the house starts filling with black kids who I didn't recognize. They came from where the last party was busted because of the knife / beat down. I was upstairs smoking and my friend came up freaking out cuz we left him alone with all these people he didn't know and they started getting hostile cuz the music was cut off. (turns out they stole the iphone that was playing music) So there is like only 8-10 of my friends left at this party when I come down the stairs.. and the rest all strangers. All the white girls left because a girl recognized one of the black guys as the one who had the knife earlier.. So now it's a house full of angry wanna be gangster niggas, and only a few of my friends. We told everyone to leave and that the party was over cuz there was no more music, because someone stole the phone and they freaked out. My boy told gave one of them 10 bucks and half a g and just told them to go. Meanwhile one of the only black kids there who I still knew had the most nervous look in his eyes... and he told me which one had the knife earlier as soon as he figured it out. So these dudes eventually refuse to leave and 4 of them go up and try grab my boy by his neck. I knew they we're not here to party, they were here to fuck us up, so I swung at the dude in the front who had the knife and hit him in the eye. Then I immediately got decked by so many fists and put on my back on a couch. The rest of my boys started fighting back too but it was literally 3 vs.1 for every one of us and the lights got knocked out and we couldn't see them (lol). We brawl inside the house for literally 2 or 3 minutes and none of us really got hurt at this point. Then as it broke outside we started getting snuck and blindsided from everywhere. Meanwhile cops were called by girls 2 minutes before any punches were thrown. I got hit up pretty good and fell down in the backyard but they left me alone. They knocked my boy out tho for the first time in his life and put nike prints on his face and left his shit mangled. The last guy around on our side stood over my friends body and tried to push them away but they blindsided him too and 10 of them stomped him out. Finally 2 ambulances a fire truck and 4 cop cars arrive. My friend broke his eye socket, and fucked his whole face up. 8 of us had black eyes or head injuries. And the cops caught NONE of them. Later that night we were thinking how lucky we were because we thought they ditched their knife after the first robbery they did that night or else one of us would definitely have been stabbed. Then at 6am while searching the brawl scene for keys I found a sharp as fuck hunting knife in an unbuckled metal sheath with a 7 inch blade. This thing would go through you and kill you in 1 shot. Finding that made my heart drop and shit. If they didn't lose that during the fight one or all of us woulda been gutted. Also found du rags, wave control, hair combs, and other black paraphernalia in the living room scene. Even though that seems like we found solid evidence. They cops won't help us do shit. These kids have been doing it forever. I watched them knock a girl out for NO REASON. They are getting more cocky now too that they haven't been stopped. We even gps tracked my friends stolen iphone an HOUR after back to the town where we assumed (knew) they were from. Cops went to the address listed and came back WITH the phone. They clearly ran it under water to try to destroy the gps but although the phone didn't work the gps still did. Anyway the cops DIDNT EVEN MAKE AN ARREST! He said he found it in the parking lot across the street (from the crime scene mind you) and the cops just took his word but said they would file a report. THE SAME KID WHO STOLE IT, HAD HIS GANG JUMP US, AND GOT LET GO BY THE COPS 2 TIMES that night!! WHAT THE FUCK?! Basically we got jumped at our own party by a GANG in a town where gangs shouldn't exist. What the fuck?! Like who the fuck pulls a home invasion on college kids? Or beats up girls for no reason? We're all broke too.

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Camron’s 10 Most Ignorant Moments

Let this be the reminder to all of the ignorance displayed by Cameron Giles throughout the years. Showcasing the most comedic rapper in history. http://www.complex.com/music/2011/10/camrons-10-most-ignorant-moments This should be an honorable mention as well haha [Embed content] [Image]

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Camron's 10 Most Ignorant Moments

Let this be the reminder to all of the ignorance displayed by Cameron Giles throughout the years. Showcasing the most comedic rapper in history. http://www.complex.com/music/2011/10/camrons-10-most-ignorant-moments This should be an honorable mention as well haha http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-yI0sWsuJTc

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What did you get your girl for Christmas?

It's about a week until Christmas and I'm just curious to what you guys bought for your bad bitches this year. Idk what I wanna get my girl yet so gimme some ideas. smokeyface

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Marijuana Use Could Lead To Testicular Cancer..??

Government propaganda or facts? [URL] Question was "this isnt a joke, my balls (testicles) hurt after smokin alot of pot... anyone?" Favorite Replies: "stop punching yourself in the [B]scrote bag[/B] after every hit......... go see a doctor" "How does one get testicular cancer? My cousin had it and now only has one ball. [B]Beats death though, I suppose[/B]. " "FDD I wouldnt jump to conclusions about cancer. Dont want to freak him out but, You should definatly see your Doc If the condition persists. If it happens once in a blue moon your probably getting baked and[B] rubbin your nuts to hard or sitting on them[/B]. If it happens all the time then go to the doc. just call him and ask your doc should be happy to answer your question." "sounds like trash, lol, but i know someone (a helper of mine from years ago) that went through something like this before, he had said that sometimes, for no reason at all, it felt like [B]someone just up and slapped his nuts[/B]! ...." Stoners are funny

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Moving to Cali.

Here's some background info. I'm 19. Originally from NY, live in PA now due to some fucked up family situations. I'm about to complete my sophomore year in college studying Management Information Systems (MIS). I currently have no money in my bank account. After being forced to grow up over here in the East, I realized now it's my time to live where I want to. I have plenty of friends, girls, fam, in my life right now, but I think now is my opportunity to go after what I want. I just wanna live in a place with nice ass weather and live a different lifestyle that I've always been curious about. I plan to move around the LA area and I also would like to finish my schooling earning a Bachelor's degree in MIS. So I have a couple of questions for you Cali heads so maybe I can get some help in pursuing these goals. - What are some affordable places to live for a college student? - What are some good community colleges where I could possibly transfer my credits to? - What kind of job opportunites are available? How hard is it to find a job? (just looking for enough to pay rent / eat) Any helpful comments/ suggestions are much appreciated. I'm ready to up and leave this bitch. smokeyface

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Cam'Ron Appreciation Thread

Every new

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WTF?! Crackhead gets naked in the street in the Bronx?


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Anyone know of any R&B songs with the same theme as Boyfriend #2?

[URL] [08-20-2010 09:52 PM] InfamousHero: Anyone know of any R&B songs with the same theme as Boyfriend #2?

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Feedback: Smoothcriminal

I've done business with a number of people on HB but am just starting the feedback thread now. if you've done business with me list your feedback below.smokeyface thanks

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Phresh Muney - My Bitch thinks these guys will make it big??!

This bitch I'm talkin to thinks the ******s will blow up... what do you think? I say the're a gimmick. [URL]

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APC NS Denim - Bape - Diamond Supply- CHEAP!

Rules: - Payment must be made via Paypal - I don't ship until I receive payment - No flakers! Be ready to pay when you offer! - Pm me with any questions APC New Standard Denim - sz.29 BRAND NEW - Worn for less than an hour! Whoever offers $100 first it's theirs! [Image]

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Wiz making songs for the bitches??

As big of a Wiz Khalifa dick-rider as I am, I was thinkin earlier about how most of his new songs are made for the bitches. Dumbed down lyrics with singing and talking about groupies... It's kinda sad to see him pretty much sell out to fans.. whens the last time he made a joint for the nigggas? Thoughts? or am i just high as fuck? lul

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DUB Dragon Edition

This kid lives in my friends area. [URL]

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