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What are these? and where can i get them?

Those look like a nike dunk Hi, you can try getting it at zappos.com or footlocker.com but I don't know if that type of color is available

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Which nike shoes terminator kyle wore

anyone here knows what nike shoes kyle (michael beihn) wore on terminator 1? it looks like a hi cut black with white lines and ankle straps is it still available today in the market?

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Do you know where to find Ferrari Jackets?

Anyone know where to Find Nice ferrari jackets?

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[NIKE] What Nike shoes would you buy for Basketball?

What Nike shoes would you buy for basketball? for me for now I would Buy Nike Air Zoom Kobe III the china Edition

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Askin for opinion on These Airmaxes

I have a pair of this Airmax 90 in different color if we talk about comfort durability I can say this shoes is great, but judging the design when you wear this shoes your feet would look small because of its design of spear head and high sole.

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OFFICIAL - Post Your Collections Thread

wow now that's a great collection of shoes you got there, I have the Airmax but I have a different color, Jordan series and Nike dunks but I don't know how to upload pics though hehe blushing

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