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New York Nightlife.

Heading in a week, need some places in Manhattan where a fake id will work guuuuurenteed Any spots?

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Your place(s) to travel to before you die.

For me, loving the beach it would have to be. Bora Bora [Image] Where's your dream place?

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I'm travelling/back packing across australia in January, What are some good backpacks that can carry quite a bit??

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Best Iphone App?

haven't seen one of these threads so fuck it. all you iPhone/ i touch homies whats your favorite app.(preferably free.) one of my favorites "words with friends" if you got it, start a game up add "Slimmils" and get ready to get pwned. so anyways fav apps???

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How to actually sell your script / movie idea???

I don't have any good movie ideas or anything but ive just always wondered how you would go about doing this. Is it all about connections? Lemme know what you guys think im interested

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Crazy Vancouver Homless Documentary

really good watch very interesting, especially with the winter games in less then a week. This dude trys to live on the streets for one month via his youtube channel: An unprecedented look into the underworld of Vancouver's downtown eastside ghetto, this 65 minute documentary follows one man's 30 day experiment of joining the thousands of homeless, ill, and addicted, who survive the streets of Vancouver's cold, wet December. He starts off with nothing but a pair of underwear. Where he ends up is a place he never knew existed, even though its a place he passed by every day. This is the perfect film for anyone who wants to see first hand what life is like on Vancouver's streets, but doesn't want to risk murder from gang violence, contracting a fatal or chronic disease, or a life-long addiction to crack or heroin. [URL]

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Swim shorts

anyone know where the fuck i can find these stussy shorts...been looking for a while.. [Image] if not anyone know any other nice swim shorts.

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