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Nice Asian films~

Old Jackie chan movie: who am i Stephen Chow: Kung fu hustle

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Michael Lau CC Gendener Toy

any sites where i can check out his stuff? thanks

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I wanna travel to Japan...

Japan is awesome, I was in Sapporo for summer 05. Can't say much for the cost of things cos my trip was all paid for but language wise I'd say you'll probably just about get along, we can't speak any at all but J people are friendly dudes so they'll try and help you out.

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Serious Question: Steroids-I'm thinking about trying it

[Quote] Man sorry to hear about your buddy but that must be an extreme case. I've never taken it myself but I'd say steroids is pretty wide spread and taken by ALOT of people. I know quite a few people that are on it or have done in the past and their still alive and appear to be well at the moment. Don't get me wrong I'm not recommending it but from what I hear it is the easy or shortcut way to getting ripped. And if thats what the guy wants then its their decision. blushing

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What Are The Hot Sneaker Spots In London?

Try Carnaby Street

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Nigo Never Smiles

[B][COLOR="Red"]Dont quote pics.[/COLOR][/B] that ain't no smile, he's saying FAPE sheeeeeeett!!!! haha i love that shirt.

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What you didn't know about Edison Chen

man needs more credit i think, he can act like an arsehole but you don't deny he's done well with his brand. think he's done well mixing with the right people

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[Quote] cool site hello all btw, hongy living in uk here. blushing

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OFFICIAL Show us your whip!

nice 5 series up there smokeyface supremeXjesus: yeah man its a shame they didn't realise it worldwide, don't worry u still have your s2000 and the RSX. s2000 mmmmm 240bhp NA power, make that baby scream... >smh

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Sick Of Bape???

bape ain't for everyone, i still love it nigo needs to smile though

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ps3 or 360 or wii

[Quote] yeah love it man, fight night round 3 online is awesome.

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Yall help me with this decision....gamers

Xbox has an awesome games line up - Gears of war, rainbox 6, ghost recon, splinter cell plus many many more that you can play online. Wii you have Zelda (which is huuuuuge) and games like Wii sports and super monkey ball - games that will never get boring when playing multi player. PS3, I'm only looking forward to Gran turismo 5 and Metal gear solid 4 (which is also rumoured to be released on the Xbox). I'll probably end up getting one when it gets released over here in March but for now the ultimate setup is an Xbox + Wii. &)

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hangover cures...

fruit juice buddy, you need to boost your sugar levels back up and replace vitamins. blushing

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Yall help me with this decision....gamers

[Quote] agreed, best of worlds indeed. The 360 is great online with games like Gears of war and a game of Wii tennis or golf never gets tiring.

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OFFICIAL Show us your whip!

thats a nice evo sneak... love all of them. almost bought a 7 myself, they are awesome cars smokeyface

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