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Denim Care Thread (for denim FAQ)

I see some people say don't wash for 6 months depending on what jeans you have. Is there any tips on keeping the smell out?

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What exactly is a "hypebeast?"

Someone who judges others buy the brands of clothing they wear.

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Shoe help?

The obvious answers, Converse or Vans. Both of those stores also have outlets so try and hit those.

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Which Wallet Would You Choose?

Would have to go with the Top one. But my taste could be totally different than yours. I always have to say this , but the most important choice you make should be to go with the one you like better.

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Your favorite white tees?

Stafford is really the only white T I have ever wore and they are good. Also just got some of those tagless Hanes an they also work good for undershirts or just to rock a plain white T. And don't worry to much about all the people saying " another white T thread stupid!!" if they were nice people they would just go about their business and stay out of this thread if it's so annoying. But no, they have to be super cool guys and come and flame, all forums have lames that's just the way it is. They forget how it is to ask questions, not everyone spends 24 hours a day here and knows every single thread topic that's ever been posted. I see so many people who come into threads just to say something negative. I thought the whole point of message boards was to input good and positive things, not to be a jerk and think you are so much cooler than everyone else. Grow the fuck up!! Sorry just had to vent a little.

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So there i was right....

I honestly was hoping for something remotely interested. I was really really dissapointed.

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How do I getmy sleep back on track

Happened to me a while ago when I changed from graveyard to morning shift. It takes a while but just start doing some strenuous activities in the day. And start laying down for bed about 10 if you can. No television , just lay there in total darkness and you really should pass out at least within an hour. Then the time will cut down and soon you will be good. But I really don't recommend sleeping pills, nyquil or anything like that, because even though they are not narcotics you can easily become dependant on them. Hope that helps a little.

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New Shit for 2010, (New Trends, Brands etc)

Whether it's popular or not, whether people say they are falling off or played out. We should all just stuck to what WE OURSELFS like. Whether it be The Hundreds , Supreme, OF, or the more ,as people have said alot the "grown man look" type of clothing. Just wear it and be comfortable with yourself. I think that is the most important thing, it could be a $2.00 T you bought at the thrift store or a $200. T you bought from wherever The trend of 2010 and what's to come should be being comfortable in your own skin.

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What is the most you've ever spent on shoes?

I spent 500 on a pair of DS Unkles a few years back. Was pretty stupid cause I wore them maybe 4 times then sold them for 400 smh

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Nice cowboy boots?

I really don't think there is ever a proper time for cowboy boots. Unless you are in a John Wayne flick, but hey to each his own.

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Small DENIM Questions Thread

I have a quick question, I pretty much know nothing about denim and don't want to by a very expensive pair and not like the fit or mess them up. I like a slim fit Jean and I want to try some raw denim out. I am usually the one to tell people to go with what feels best for them, but alot of you here seem very knowledgable. I am about 5'7" and 150 lbs, what do you think would be an alright size to start with? In prewashed jeans I usually wear 31 w 30L, is the 501xx STF a good pair to start with? Because right now that's about my price range. Maybe 65 to 100 bucks at the most. Thanks in advance to anyone with some suggestions.

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Cuffs or No cuffs?

Personally I like te look of one small cuff, and I also don't really like getting the blue denim stains on my lighter colored shoes. I don't see many people here in the states cuff there pants about mid shin like I did when I was living in Asia.

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San Diego (Store list on 1st page)

Another rainy weekend here in SD, damn this sucks, gets me all depressed.

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Celebs Rockin Heat! / What are they wearing?

What's up with JT's pants, way to big IMO. Wouldn't look so bad if he slimmed down just a little, I mean he doesn't have to go for skinny skinny jeans. But come on he is swimming in those.

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What are you listening to?

The Smiths- Sweetness

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