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Am I the only one on HB that likes ice creams???

I got a couple pairs of BF 2's. Pretty nice, don't rock em that much anymore though. Size 12 if anyone is interested.

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what are the best pairs o f sb's made this year of 08

Easy Bueller's 720's Boba Fett's Tokyo's

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Nike Sb Brazil

The purple ones are fire! Idk about the other ones. Eh.

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October QS?

I kinda like em, any sites get these yet?

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same shoe question

For real, I have doubles and triples of some specific shoes. It's always ok to have more than one of a model of even a specific shoe.

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antares autotune.. why?

I blame that no talent hack T-Pain. He doesn't know how to sing so he uses autotune. Well motherf*cker, how about just not singing!!! I don't understand how this idiot can get on so many tracks! He can't sing! Pay me a 1/4th of what you pay him and I'll sing with autotune too! Same thing! Hack! Sorry...I just really don't like T-Pain. Anyways, autotune is just the latest trend in hip-hop. Just like having horns in your beats the last 2 years. It'll die down, but I guess they like how it makes them sound different from everyone else. Gives the track a futuristic sound if you will.

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So who's feeling this niigga Charles Hamilton?

Dude is fire! I stumbled upon his Myspace a while ago and was freaking out over his skill. He'll be big time. No doubt. That track he did over the "Superstar" beat is hot, but if he wants to get into it with Lupe, Lupe will murder him. He's got kind of a Kanye meets Lupe thing. He's got Lupe's wordplay and rhyme ability, and Kanye's musicianship and swag. I'm not sure how the mainstream will react to him though. Should be interesting.

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zoom tre ad back to the future

These gotta be a QS. Fuck it, no matter what it is I'm coppin' these. Just beautiful...

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need a suggestion..

I got purple/black P-Rod's to match mine. Go together perfect.

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What do you guys think of these?

Those are actually pretty clean for team editions.

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[URL] The Jordan colorway is the hottest. Pretty good price too for a quality hightop.

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walmart airspeeds

Can't wait till the Tiff colorway of these comes out! Hype!

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When did you start rocking SBs?

I got my first pair about a year ago, P-Rod 1's but haven't been able to buy a lot cause I was broke for a little. Just got a job though, first check comin' soon. I'm fuckin' pumped. P-Rod Hi's here I come!

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The coolest dunks!!!

Bueller's Tiff's Purple Pigeon's

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[Johnny Cupcakes] - 2008 Discussion Thread

I copped my first JC tee a couple months ago. The sizing is really weird. I wear 2X in Rogue Status and the 3X JC tees are tiny on me, even if you wash them in cold water and hang them. The newer tees seem to be made better though. I got one for my girl and it's a lot better quality than mine.

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