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{FS} Jiberish, Pink Dolphin, Polo, Levis, and More!

Whaddup, I need to move some things out do buy this!!!! Shipping is in stated price. No trades unless brand new N&F weird guys size 33 or any other brand new size 33 selvedge. 1. Jiberish Shirt Size XL. Forget the name. 8.5/10. 22$ shipped. [Image] Buy Multiple items for discounts!!!! Thanks! Thanks!

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SOLD. Can Delete.

Sold. Please delete.

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You need TAGGED pics and at least 50+ posts.

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Legit Check please: Supreme camp cap

Sorry if this is the wrong place, i am new here. Anyways, i bought this from off of ebay from a guy in Maryland. He claims is it is legit in the description, but i am not sure. this is my first camp cap so i am hesitant, something just doesn't seem right (quality, feel, etc.) Pics: [Image] Thank you!!!!!

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