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15% off Imperial denim

Holiday flash sale ending at midnight on Sunday, December 23rd, 2007 going on at Self Edge... 15% off Imperial denim with free worldwide shipping. Use the code: StyleForumImperials at checkout... Kabbalah halabbak son. [URL]: [Image]

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SMALL QUESTIONS THREAD (Use me instead of starting new threads)

This is to simplify the Superior Fashion subforum. Instead of starting new threads, ask questions about labels here, sizing, etc. No flaming, snide remarks, or retarded shit. Keep that in the [URL] subforum. Please use this to ask or answer questions, otherwise new threads bearing no substantial contribution of a label in question or promotes real discussion will be moved or locked.

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Is it cool to look like a try hard eThug?

I was browsing around Hypebeast and I swear to Allah these people look like there all try hard thugsters. The funny thing is its like they got money to look fresh but all their gear is cheap but hyped up AAA/anvil screenprint streetwear brands but they wanna look like they're unique trendsetters.

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Baggy jeans

Baggy jeans are for fatties my dudes and they don't even look good in them. When you drape into those in the morning please just look in the mirror and say out loud "everyone is going to laugh at me cause I look like I'm smuggling immigrant children into the projects." When did acid wash fading and basketball team logo embroderies become a staple in "street wear" please walk through any REAL FASHION AREAS and you won't find a single dude dressed like you. I guess to each his own but just remember you look like you stole your obese brothers jeans and real fashionistas are laughing at you. Yes hetero.

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The Flat Head Clothing Thread

Thought a separate thread would interest those who were chatting about the Houndstooth button up shirt a while back. Here is a rider shirt from Flat Head with selvage lining. Enjoy the detailing too. Very happy to see it at my door so soon after ordering from Self Edge. [CENTER] [Image][/CENTER]

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Portrait of a Sneaker: The Individual. The Community. The Culture.

Posted and featured on the frontpage of Hypebeast.com until 3 PM EST (original permalink found at: [URL] [email]info@sidneylophoto.com[/email]

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