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Dirty Legends

Maintain the ability to be different, we take the risk. Handling all forms of art; Music, Production, Film, Graphics. Started off in a small town in So Cal called Palmdale, now building from the ground up. Vibe with us! Our designers include Michael Brignac, Dakise Boyd, & Kleshaam Shakir. Michael Brignac [Image]

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LADT/Dirty Legends

Check out the musical stylings of Gibby & Sham, with production by Lawrence Frazier. [URL] Enjoy. smokeyface

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Khalil Bebe's Kids crewneck?

I was checking out The Hundreds blog and I ran across this picture. Does anyone know where I could get the crewneck with Khalil on the front? Thanks in advance. smokeyface[Image]

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5000 to spend?

So I have 5000 to spend on a car but I know nothing about cars so im not sure what to look for. The last car I had was a 89 Honda Accord with a broken bumper so I really want something nice this time. I know I want something mid-sized and fast but thats it. Ive been on autotrader.com but i haven't really seen any cars I like. If anyone is selling a nice car in the LA area or knows where i can get one(no dealerships) then it would be dope if you could help me out. Suggestions would help me also, thanks.

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Looking for attractive people? Don't go to Philly

[Quote] Ive never been to Philly before but, what do you guys think about this? [URL]

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Chris Angel over the Luxor? someone just tell me how he did it. [URL] sorry if this has already been posted.

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Happy Birthday DunkPunk!!

Happy BDay I hope you get the Wii!

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School Prank Backfires


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Whats your philosophy on money?? I would like to say mines is that money comes and goes but half the time im money hungry so i end up saving it and not buying alot....tongueface

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Lil Wayne

Does anybody kno what kind of grey jeans lil wayne is wearing in the stuntin like my daddy video??

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Lomography Fisheye Camera

[URL] I just found this in one of the CCS magazines and tempted to get it....I dont kno anything about photography but from the pictures ive seen on here i want to get into it...so if anybody can help me out and give me your opinion on this or give me a suggestion for a good start off film camera that would be great....thanks

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X-Men 4?

I dont kno if im late with this or not but is there gonna b another X-Men movie?

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Iight Friday is my schools homecoming banquet and im tryin 2 decide wat to wear....I just got the black jordan dunks so i was thinkin of rockin those but yea should i go traditional and wear dress shoes or go with the dunks???)

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