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[FS] DS What The Dunks

are these real do you have the receipt and stuff.

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hahah i have every skytop every released but in size eleven. bummer. those gold and silver and the brooklyn projects are impossible to find.

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[WTB] NEW ERA 7 5/8 for christmas

i will pay for them please enclose a pic so i know what brand and style i am looking at thanik you.

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i am looking for the ten deep kid kudi collaboration to commemorate his album release. it has "Up There" in green on the back. i have some good and new hundreds and also am willing to pay on paypal. pm me or post oin here if you have it.

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anyone order from cmonwealth before?

sucks i order from there often and never have any problems. i would just give it the benefit of the doubt.

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Hanging Skateboard Decks On Wall.

buy some nails if i were you i would straight nail through the hardware holes and into the wall.it ain't your wall is it. and if it aint yours break it.

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Which G-shock should I get?

the white is sick they have it at eastwestworldwide.com they have this sick green one too. i love g shocks

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[WTB] ten deep

bump bump

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[WTB] ten deep

anyone have the ten deep kid kudi collab shirt in a LARGE. i have some old hundreds shirts i wil trade

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desesperatly looking for a hoodie

you can buy it here you can buy that hoddie from the place in my signature

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Everyone Post ur blogs..

this is my blog [URL]

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