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[FS] Retro Super future sunglasses | matte black

ill take um for 120

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The Official Tattoo Thread

nice work yall im looking to get my next work done next month

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LA stops.

if your in the azusa area come check us out. 5050 skateshop/boutique 625 n.azusa ave azusa ca 91702

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Official Store/Website Update Thread

New store in socal Whats up hypebeast We are Fifty50, we are a skate shop/ boutique located in Azusa CA we carry a lot of your guys favorite brands, we have only been open for a little over a month so if you guys are in the areea top by and show some love, We are located 2 stores away from acrylick 625 n.azusa ave Azusa CA 91702 (626)969-3801 check out blog and myspace for pics

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