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dj ok yono mixtape 5/27/2008((((listen to it and let me know your thoughts)))))

good vibe.... [URL]

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dj ok yono mixtape 05/21/2008

classic bangers: [URL]

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new mixtape let me know what yall think....

laced this up this past weekend....a little oldies, some older stuff, and some b-more. let me know what you all think. [URL]

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question about obtaining accounts to sell brands in your store...

I mean obviously alot of street fashion is done in quantities that limit every store to obtain a certain amount. My question is: if there was a particular brand out there that I might be interested lets say a dunks account to sell in my store how would I go about obtaining it, and also how difficult or what type of requirements would be necessary to attempt that with clothes and other shoe companies. **i use nike to symbolize the amount of production of the item. obviously i know it would be different with say vans or supreme. but its a question I would appreciate the help.

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BODY ART: pictures I took at an art show.

so yeah playing the roll of participation on the forums is never easy..... this year I am gonna contribute more. [B]these snaps taken with a nikon d80 standard lens.[/B] [Image] [URL]

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tell ME what you think....

recent work ive done for some art shows, but let me know what you guys think on the approach for these pieces..... [URL]

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any good stores in dayton, florida?

i have a friend over in dayton,florida, and was looking to see if there are any good shops to visit while shes there, maybe might ask her to pick me up a good tee. let me know whats up.

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a few questions on SIZE SMALL

anyone know which brands actually fit proper in size small. Iam 5'7 and weigh 160 i got a stussy hoodie in small just to try it out, and its about a few inches off from being right, and i got a 10 deep and there smalls fit proper. just wondering if crooks, the hundreds, manifest fit in anyway like these two opposing brands?

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