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Video request >>>

bit of a long shot but if anyone has both a flip mino hd and the new sony ericsson vivaz would you be able to do a mini comparative video? thanks in advance

2 Weeks ago in Gaming

Vegas nights out!

dont care much for shopping, only need to know wheres good to go out its my mates stag and the nightlife is down to me so come on fellas! thursday, friday and saturday nights im guessing tao, tryst and pure?

2 Weeks ago in United States

where the beat makers?

i need a 10 - 15 second instrumental but have a sample in mind can anyone help?

2 Weeks ago in Music Discussion

[WTB] Digi cam

my t7 just died so looking for something similar must be quite slim and decent res. not looking to spend bucks and tbh i wouldnt even mind another t7! what you got?

2 Weeks ago in Other Goods

Those that use paint pens, in here >>>

i need someone to knock up some text for me the drippier the better PM if you've got a a few mins on your hands cheers

2 Weeks ago in Visual Arts

[WTB] sony p series netbook >>>

im after a 'P530H' netbook, they can be had on ebay for around $800 but let me know if you've seen them anywhere cheaper, i need it shipped to england cheers

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3500 calories a day?!

just got back from the gym and thats what ive been told i should be eating! wtf does that equate to? also do weight gain shakes work or will they give me moobs?

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The stig is schumacher!

on the new series of top gear!

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Transfer talk (football / 'soccer')

so the league has finished and theres a looong wait before the start of the 09/10 season with all the usual transfer rumours! starting at home, ade's been linked with a move away with ac and now chelski keen on him, apparently ancelotti's a fan so i can see him moving to chelski but only if they sell drog, i'd personally off him, bendtner as well, he needs to go but toure and eboue we need to keep hold of everyones expecting a raid on newcastle since they got relegated (funniest thing of the season!) but looking at the top, tevez looks like he's off to city and theres the constant ronaldo will he wont he about real, that just needs to get dealt with already! thoughts?...

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iPhone / iPod touch games

just games / not apps just got fieldrunners, its alright but im bored of it now, what ya playing?

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i need an external hd

looking for a 320gb 2.5" HD theres sooo many out there i dont know what to get and then on top of that, theres sooo many suppliers i dont know who would be cheapest im after something branded rather then the generic china crap on ebay wd passport maybe, whos cheapest?

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What iphone earphones?

i searched but couldnt find any other threads... i was just wondering if anyone has or used any of the following: [URL] ?

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help re: ebay >>>

so is there no official ebay thread? anyway, im trying to sell something but the bold, italic, underline etc isnt there, i've tried copy and pasting form word but the description box clears all the formatting! any ideas?

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DJs in hurr >>>

anyone now if theres a decent AV8 style mash up / party break of britney's gimme more?

2 Weeks ago in Music Discussion

Anyone playing fm09?

fancy a networked league? lol

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