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[WTB] Yeezus Tour Shirt (SMALL)

Saw Yeezus in Atlanta, didn't want to wait in the huge line to get a shirt. Regretting that now, haha. Can be worn, I don't really care.  Ideally, I'd like this one:  [Image] But lemme know what you got. If its that shirt^^, I can do a medium too. HMU.

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[WTB] Bape Tiger Hoodie, Small

Preferably in grey, beige, or black. Will pay $350, more for a beige/tan.

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[FS] Supreme x TNF Red 3M SMALL / Supreme x TNF Yellow Expedition MEDIUM

So, I hate to sell my two favorite shits but I just started a small business and it needs the money! They're $400 (+4% and shipping) a piece, or you can buy both for $700 + 4% and free shipping (in the us).  $350 + 4% The 3M has some wear, admittedly not in wonderful condition, but it is a small and I had to order it from Japan. For some context, there's just one small on eBay and its $950. (there is another one, but its this one) $400 + 4% The Expedition is in great condition, though. Wore it out once or twice, but never in foul weather or anything like that.  [Image]

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[WTB] Supreme x TNF 3M Parka -- Red, Size M

Anyone....? 15char

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Looking for Experimental Rapper(s)

hey yall. I'm from Charleston, SC and I'm looking for a rapper(s) to hop on board a dark, experimental hip-hop project.  I am a producer, but I will not post any links to the beats on here (there's a thread for that already). They are sort of trap beats, but different. \ Anyways, if there are any hb rappers that feel like getting a little weird (pause) then HMU!!  thank you!

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[WTB] Supreme Snow White OCBD

I think it was a 2011? Anyways looking to buy a small or medium Snow White button down in either pink or white.

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Lil Chuuuch

[Embed content] dope imo

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[Embed content] discuss

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FS: White Supreme Arabic Hoodie + Orange Kate Moss Tee – M

[Image] $160 shipped! I should add that I wore this only once, but there are no spots on it or anything. It has never been washed either. It is in new condition. Will do both for 200

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Any HB rappers?

Have any extra acapellas of themselves laying around? I have beats but no lyrics for them, shits ghey :-|

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merry christmas hb

merry christmas yall :-)

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