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SIKNUSS...am I just blind?

SIKNUSS aka Skooled In Korectnuss has been around for a minute on the streetwear scene and usually come with heat when I see thier work, but dudes are based in Toronto and yet I never see there stuff around the city, but they're known on an international level...is it just me not knowing where to cop it at or are they on some other type of marketing tips?

2 Weeks ago in Canada


So I've finally felt the scorn of being burned by resellers & hypebeasts... I've been checking my local Krew stockist for the 'Too Live' hoodies for about 2 months now everytime I'm in the area...and Sunday when I walked in and saw an employee rockin the green one I pointed at him and told him I needed a black one in a Large. He told me that they were all sold out, minus one Small...after choking back the slow tear, I asked him when they came out. He said, "yesterday". Whats left to say really...I'm not gonna rant and rave about how the 'games fucked up' but I mean...c'mon guys...C'MON!!

2 Weeks ago in Canada

T.O. Hate

I've noticed lately that theres a big difference between how a fly guy/girl will treat you, than how a *hypebeast will. Like if two strangers recognise each other for rocking some ill gear, they might compliment each other on it and maybe converse for a bit. But sometimes I'll see some people who actually screwface or blatantly hate on a perfect stranger just because they're fresh. Its like some people in this city expect to be the only ones who 'know about' exclusive kicks and Streetwear and get mad when they realize they're not as unique as they thought they were. Am I just ranting or have yall noticed this too? *I know the name of this site is Hypebeast, but in this context I'm talking about the trendhoppers, the swaggerjackers and the ones who keep a permanent APB out for the Bandwagon.

2 Weeks ago in Canada