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[WTB] Supreme x Futura hoodie and supreme zippos

Size M, no navy or white c/w for the hoodie. Shipping to Canada. Paypal ready. PM me.

2 Weeks ago in Apparel

Polka Dots?

What are some stores where I can get a polka dot dress shirt or something with the price range of about $40.

2 Weeks ago in Fashion

Best Place to Eat? Vol. VANCOUVER

Wheres the best or favourite place to eat in vancouver? blushing iunno if this should go to off topic forum but yeah. my favourite restaurant is a vietnamese restaurant in surrey called pho tau bay on 148 street theres a donair place beside it too thats pretty good post your favourite restaurant!

2 Weeks ago in Canada

which denim should i buy?!!?!?!?!?

k i have to choose between 2 pairs of denim. a new black pair of 3sixteen denim for 200+tax or w.e or a used but hadnt been really been worn a lot,black imperial dukes x self edge for 140 ill post pictures later help me please ?)

2 Weeks ago in Fashion