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Xbox or ps3

360...Games can be 'backed up' hehe

2 Weeks ago in Canada

R.I.P. Goodfoot.

Damn didn't know they went out of business...Da Zone went out of business about a yr ago! Sad...

2 Weeks ago in Canada

FF 1 and FF 2 on iphone

Anyone has FF 1 and 2 on the iphone? If the interface is good..i think i am going to get them. I usually only play puzzle games on the iphone but being a FF fan..i think I just might buy them.

2 Weeks ago in Gaming

Shanghai Stores??

I will be in Shanghai in a mth. What are the prices like over there? Hoping to find some asia only releases when I am there. From the above posts, I will sure to check out Fly and Juice too. 1neStixNJ - any place to go while I am there? Heard the nightlife is pretty good there...and the women too blushing

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zoolander 2

Tropic thunder sucked! Zoolander was aweseome tho! Can't wait!! Hansel has to come back too!

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The trailer looked good but just before the movie started, I wasn't sure if I made a mistake. Worrying that all the good parts were already shown in the trailer. I came out smiling after the movie!! Having Bill Murray as cameo was epic! haha! One of my fav zombie movies!

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Recommend me some good TV series

Anyone mentions Damages yet? It's in its 3rd season! The show is awesome!

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Can't wait! Should be a good episode coming up! Too bad this is the last season...will def miss when it is all over.

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Jail Break or be Safe

Definitely jailbreak it. If something goes wrong, you can restore it to factory default before going to the apple store. They can't tell if you have jailbroken yours once it has been restored to factory default. Jailbreaking should only be done on 3G or 3GS..the 2G one is just too slow to handle it. In fact, I dont think I will even jb a 3G one.

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iPad Official Discussion Thread

I, on the other hand, think the ipad is a decent device. I think it is a little overpriced, if they sell it at 399 that would be a good spot. I am not buying it at 499. When I am home, watching tv. I sometimes want to surf the web and to check emails, etc. I do this with my iphone now. However, it is too small. I think the ipad will be a good device. I have a laptop but to power up the laptop just to check something small seems too much of an effort. Call me lazy ;p I also don't have a tv in my room, if i can stream tv or stream a video to watch in bed. That would be pretty good too. I doubt I will read any ebooks on it. I still prefer reading a physical book..must be the smell of paper! As for flash, I don't visit sites with flash a lot. There is a rumor that Hulu is developing an app for the ipad. It will be like the Youtube app for the iphone. If that is the case, I might be willing to get one even at 499.

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Fallout: New Vegas Official Discussion Thread

Damn...about to waste another 50 hrs of my life to this! Can't wait!!

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Best NBA block of the year (so far).

I vote for Korver's block on LBJ. Korver's only air time this season! lol

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Official L.A Lakers thread

Artest is going to continue to get better and will be ready for the playoffs. Lakers is still the team to beat this year!

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