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So dope, psyched.

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[HUF] - 2011 Official Discussion Thread

HUF Love.

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[Triumvir] - 2011 Official Discussion Thread

Anyone willing to part with a L M65?

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APC | Supreme | ACL x Mcnairy | Triumvir | Black Scale | Samurai | SoG | Mister | NP

Still selling the Mr chino's and the Psycho Brigade hoodie?

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[FS] Cheep denim sale. Uniqlo, levi's

Hi I can't PM yet but I'd be willing to take the two pairs of 510's off your hands, I am in Canada though, if you can ship USPS with tracking get back at me. EDIT: Just noticed how old this post is, if you still have them up for grabs I think 60 shipped is fair even with the cost of shipping being a little more.

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TONS of Supreme, Huf, Stussy, Obey button ups, flannels & jackets!! M-XL!

Can you post a fit pic of the Mister Varsity? With height and weight? I'm considering it but I need to know it will fit, I'm 6 ft 165-170 lbs.

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TOJ 1.5 Varsity-- Winter

Hey, are those fit pics you? If so what is your height and weight, I'm interested in this jacket and from what I can tell it would probably fit me nicely, I'm 6 ft 170-175 lbs.

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[Mister (Mr.)] - 2010 Official Discussion Thread

Oh, my, god, please tell me you will be re stocking the Varsity 01 or 02, it doesn't even matter to me they're both beautiful. I've been looking into these and I believe I need a size medium, about 6 ft - 6ft 1 170 lbs. I absolutely need one of these lol, even if someone on this thread has a medium they'd be willing to part with I would pay a very good price.

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INVS Varsity Jacket Size Small

Is this still for sale?

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Orisue Black Reynolds Jacket (Size M)

If anyone has one of these they're willing to part with, I'm willing to pay quite a bit more than retail, hit me up.

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in4mation gshock (salmon) and TI$A snapbacks

I'm in Winnipeg and have a 9/10 Salmon In4mation G-Shock, I can't PM though so just PM me your e-mail or AIM or something and we'll get in touch.

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[Triumvir] - 2010 Official Discussion Thread

Hey Triumvir, I've never bought any of your tee's, but I have a lot of the button ups and flannels, I was just curious about the fit, for the button ups and flannels I always go with a large, and they always fit me perfect, should I go with a large on these new "slim fit" tee's as well? I find that I wear medium tee's more often than larges, but was just looking for some help on the subject.

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Price Drops! J.Crew, 10.Deep, Mishka Duffel, Im King & 3Sixteen (medium)

I'll take the IM King flannel and the Banana Republic polo off your hands possibly, you have to PM me your AIM SN or Email though, new account and and I can't communicate through PM's. Also, does the IM King Flannel fit like your typical close medium/large fit? I can easily wear larges on some brands and mediums on others, but some brands just make larges huge.

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[FS] Supreme Hoodies, Shirts and Tees, Samurai Jeans

I'll take the Mishka and Stussy sweaters off your hands, just one question, would you say the Mishka medium fits like the Stussy large or at least close? If they're almost the same length or are the same length thats perfect. I can't PM because my acc is new, but if you could PM me an Email or AIM we'll get in touch. Thanks.

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[FS] Black Scale Tees & Crewneck Sweater

Still selling the B Logo Crewneck?

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