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Christmas list

anyone know where that xmas list threads at?? i need some ideas

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C R T C approval on al jazeera

The C R T C has just approved the English version of al jazeera news station for brodcast in Canada. My purpose in writing this thread is to inform and encouarge Canadians and Americans NOT to watch their program. they're basically a progaganda machine. It will start airing in January. Don't support a company thats funded by the Saudi Arabian government, we should all support our own countries.

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Info on jacket

does anyone have info on jay'z jacket? [Image]

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What are your 5 top street brands?

what are they?smokeyface

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[FS] Bape gold 88's size 10

title says it all. These are mint, worn only twice very lightly. [Image]

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[FS] BAPE tees (swaro) hoodie. CHEAP!!!

hey wats up, for sale are: Bape 06 purple camo swaro tee (L). [ $80 ] condition: 8.5/10 [Image] I accept Western Union money orders only!! Paypal is dangerous they have insecure software, people are being scammed. prieces are at their lowest...All items are 100% authentic bape bought from bape store NY or pondon. I have bought and sold many times on HB and BT, i just don't post a lot. PM me your offers. Cheers I also have another sale thread: bape 08 gold 88's size 10. mint condition.

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Where to buy Ransom online?

Does anyone know where you can buy Ransom online? [URL]

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