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Ronnel banned

The end of a legacy. [Image]

2 Weeks ago in Off Topic

Graphic tee V. blank tee

Which do you own more of? I have 5 blank tees (different colors and styles tho) and only 2 graphic/logo-ish tees. It's hard for me to find a graphic tee that's unique without a giant logo/box logo.

2 Weeks ago in Fashion

Poll: Where do you buy most of your clothes.

Yes, I know you guys probably have a good combination of these options, but you what you think you get shit from [I]most[/I]. For me, I'd say A. A) online retailers, pretty straightforward. B) specialized stores/boutiques that sell "streetwear" shit (IE Sup, Huf, True ) C) Major fashion stores that can be found in the mall or in large plazas like H&M, Uniqlo, J-Crew, AA, UO, etc. D) HB marketplace, Craigslist, etc. E) thrifting (Buffalo Exchange, Crossroads, etc...)

2 Weeks ago in Fashion

Club music....

I'm not an elitist prick, but I went to the club on Friday and they only played that Lil Wayne-Wocka Flocka type shit. Does anyone else who hates mainstream shit have a hard time getting it on in the club? Do you just ignore it?

2 Weeks ago in Music Discussion

brimmed sun hats

[Image] Anyone know where to cop a good sun hat like the one Duce is wearing here?

2 Weeks ago in Fashion

Why Chinese Mothers are Superior

[URL] An excerpt from [I]Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother[/I] by Amy Chua. Whatta cunt...

2 Weeks ago in Off Topic

Quick question about H&M pullover hoodie sizing

I'm only 5'8, so I usually wear size M for the typical pullover. However, since HM hoodies are slim, I sized up to a L to make it a little baggy. It fits perfect like that, but will it shrink back down to a M in the wash? Should I jump to an XL in this case? Thanks.

2 Weeks ago in Fashion

Worst photobomb ever

[I]Via AolNews[/I] " MANILA, Philippines -- Philippine police investigating the New Year's Eve shooting death of a local councilman did not have to look further than the last photograph the victim took. That photo led to the arrest of two suspects. The picture, taken outside the councilman's house in metropolitan Manila, clearly shows a man aiming his gun from behind the victim's smiling three-member family, seconds before he was shot. A reproduction of a handout photo released by the Dagsa family on January 4, 2011 shows an alleged assasin (back L) pointing his gun towards politician councillor Reynaldo Dagsa who was taking a photo of family members on December 31, 2010, while the alleged lookout stands behind. The murdered Philippine politician caught his killer on camera just moments before he was shot dead, with the photograph leading to the arrest of the gunman, police said January 4, 2011. The photograph, taken by district councillor Reynaldo Dagsa and reprinted on the front page of a major newspaper, shows his family posing for the photo while the gunman is in the background aiming a pistol at his victim. Councilman Reynaldo Dagsa caught a gunman and his alleged lookout, background, on camera as he was taking a photo of his family; Dagsa was shot moments later. The car was parked along an alley outside the Dagsas' house. In another corner of the photograph is a man police identified as the assassin's lookout. Police said Tuesday that Dagsa was shot seconds after the photo was taken and died of his wounds by the time he reached a hospital. His family gave police the photo, which ran on the Philippine Daily Inquirer's front page Tuesday. Caloocan city police chief Jude Santos said a man identified as the gunman in the picture was arrested Monday. His accomplice also was arrested in a separate raid in Manila the same day, Santos said. He said the main suspect was a car thief who was out on bail and likely sought revenge against Dagsa for ordering his arrest last year. Dagsa's wife and daughter, speaking to reporters at their home Tuesday, said the victim had asked them to wake him up before the stroke of midnight so he could join in the usually noisy New Year's street revelry that comes with lots of firecrackers. The family members said they did not hear a gunshot because the firecrackers were exploding all around them. They only saw Dagsa falling to the ground after he was hit. They said they rushed him to the hospital but it was too late. " [Image]

2 Weeks ago in Off Topic

How do you guys wear in your New Era's?

Whenever I try em on straight out of the store, they look mad silly. Like high crown, box shape. There's a guy on YouTube who pours it under hot water but it looks sketchy as HELL. What do you guys do to remedy this?

2 Weeks ago in Fashion

If you had the choice to win the lottery, would you?

I wouldn't. Sure you could have all the preme box logos you want, but life would be boring if you weren't on your grind.

2 Weeks ago in Off Topic

real talk: has anyone taken meds for depression, ocd, etc.?

Even though I'm a firm believer that a pill doesn't solve your problems (and that you have to confront it), I've been contemplating it lately to deal with my OCD and depression. Anyone have any experience taking meds for depression, OCD, etc.? What was it like? I'm scared of going haywire or sum shit if i take it. PS: I don't smoke weed.

2 Weeks ago in Off Topic

BDG Hoodies from Urban

[URL] I got a quick question HB. I'm gonna order one of these, but I don't know which size to get. I'm 5'7, medium build. I don't like the slim type of fit, I like my hoodies a little baggy. From the pictures, it looks kinda slim, so I'm hesitant to order in my size (M). Should I just go for a Large?

2 Weeks ago in Fashion

Anyone here shop at thrift stores?

I'll admit, I'm too bougie to shop at Goodwill, but I love shopping at thrift stores like Crossroads and Buffalo Exchange. Copped a pair of dunks at Crossroads the other day for only 15 bucks (good condition too). edit: Didn't see that this thread already existed. Whatever, you can delete it mods.

2 Weeks ago in Fashion

How did you guys get into photography?

I've been looking at the daily snaps, and wow, they're pretty damn impressive. How did you guys get into photography? I want to get into photography, but I don't know shit about it. Should I take a class. Just do internet research? When is the right time to buy a decent camera (rather then using a standard digital camera)? Thanks for any input.

2 Weeks ago in Photography